Tequila Shoes

So back to the basics, what I am drinking on a Wednesday night. I felt, however, that yesterday gave too much of a tip-off as to what was in my glass so I thought I would just move forward with it. If I said, Oh this bottle of wine is lovely etcetera etcetera you all would call me a liar because I told you yesterday I was drinking tequila with the BF. Of course, I could have wine before the tequila, but then again, its Wednesday.

So here I am, not lying, albeit not yet drinking tequila either (still plenty of time in the day for coffee). I’m reliving yesterday’s post a bit and daydreaming about how many articles of clothing I can fringe, while simultaneous recognizing that if its going to be a Margarita or a Mezcal evening, I better get me some sturdy shoes. Or these. I can rely on the boyfriend to wear flats.

Image Courtesy of jakandjil.com

I’ve learned more about tequila in the last few years. Some has been peer-pressured into my stomach by a friend of mine who can drink it like water and yet never seems to have any annunciation issues. Other times, it has come in a punch bowl. Once it even came in the form of my favorite drink, an Old Fashioned, at The Stanton Social in New York. More than once it has come in the way of Mezcal flights with tomato juice. Which I suppose isn’t technically tequila, but it’s awfully close.

I’ve also learned that tequila does not inevitably become a hurricane of a hangover, rather, if done correctly, it’s actually quite the cooperative spirit. I’m particularly partial to Corzo although the partiality is partially due to the fact that I find the bottle to be the most beautiful.

What is your favorite? Favorite Tequila creation? Favorite tequila memory that you can’t remember?


Doing the Opposite of Drinking Wine

I’m talking juicing.

I suppose the actual opposite of drinking wine is throwing up…whatever the opposite of wine is–Mountain Dew? Well, I just mean drinking juice.

As of late, I have been trying to repair my weekend body to fun-weekday Laura by bringing juice to work for lunch. My combination has included kale, spinach, apple, mango, strawberries, beets, ginger, mint, orange, tangerine, whey protein, celery and cucumber. Usually not all at once, but I don’t really have a set recipe either. I just throw a bunch of things in and see what comes out.

No crazy detox, just an overload of fruit and veggies and antioxidants.

My jeans fit a little better, my skin feels a little more moist, and honestly I am sleeping better. And it seems to be going over well with the general public.

How you doin.