Westside is Bestside

This is the neighborhood I grew up in. My house is certainly one of those that has succumbed to the fire. A very wise woman wrote today, “Reminds us of what is important. Our trust in God, and our relationships with others. Everything else is destroyed at the drop of a match.”


A Closet Full of…Meh…

It’s summertime sales season, and it has been quite a chore to put my credit card back in the little pocket in my wallet where it belongs when there are things like this, and this running around for 50% off. I’ve resorted to asking my best friend, “Do I Need This?” before I make any purchase. She has definitely nixed a few things and I think my closet will eventually thank her for it. On the other hand, she has made some alternative suggestions, including trading a floral jean purchase for waxed boa-print denim. Who knows where her true loyalties lie. But, my bank account is grateful. Me, I’m not sure how I feel about her right now…

Untitled #129

Long Dress, Acne. Sunglasses, Karen Walker. Black pumps, Altuzarra. Hat, Brixton. Ankle Boots, Alexander Wang. Floral Dress, Haute Hippie. Pink Skirt, Marc Jacobs. Red Dress, Babajaan. Fringe Boots, Maison Martin Margiela, 22. Floral Romper, Etoile Isabel Marant. Jacket, Vanessa Bruno.

What we did discuss is putting the money aside that I might’ve spent on something that is kinda…alright, for something that I would invest it and wear for a whole season or longer. I have so many clothes in my closet that I will never ever wear/can’t fathom what encouraged me to make the purchase. If half of my stuff wasn’t in storage right now I would visually demonstrate my problem. But I can’t so close your eyes and think gold sequined vest. I know it’s a vest with glitter, and so it’s probably amazing, but actually it is terrible so don’t get ahead of yourself.

The point is that if I took out everything in my closet I hated, and might not have really even liked when I bought it, I could probably pay off my law school debt buy the entire Isabel Marant spring collection. That’s not true of course, you can’t really trade Zara for Isabel, unless of course we are talking about this, but you see my point. A penny saved is a penny closer to some other pair of future shoes that I am dying over, but in the meantime it’s these. Which might even save the gold vest, but then again, that really undercuts my argument.

I really hoped I’d make it somewhere in this writing, to impart you with some life-shopping lesson, but I feel that I have more words than you have attention. So good luck through this, the best shopping time of the year.

Food for Thought

Dinner last night. Lotsa wine, no tequila which I suppose now makes me a double liar. Also, in lieu of fringe I wore floral and stripes as a way of adapting to the fact that the temperatures were low and my lower limbs were somewhat unshaven.

Top, Urban Outfitters. Vest, Rag & Bone. Clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jeans, J Brand.

Shoes, Pour La Victoire. Nars Orgasm Blush. Tom Ford Perfume. Madewell bracelet.

I’m not going to say the name of the restaurant because I don’t have a lot of nice things to say and I’m more of what they call a gossiper. Plus, I already told you the genre and neighborhood so if you’re really dying to know I’m sure you can figure it out on your own. Double plus, if you ask me I’ll tell you.

During dinner, I often shift into my food-critic alter-ego to analyze the precision of the cooking techniques (“This steak is SO not medium”), the creativity of the dish and the appearance of the plate. I’m telling you, they could someone should pay me for this stuff. Last night, the filet was very much overcooked, the swiss chard was so salty I couldn’t eat it, and we were pretty sure that the cornbread puree was cornbread batter. The goat-cheese cheesecake was overcooked and tart, with really-tart strawberries on top and stale, whole pistachios on the side.  The meal was not terrible, but it wasn’t great either.

Being that we are now law school graduates and were nearing the end of our second bottle of wine, we took the conversation up a notch to discuss the overall complacency of food, restaurants and eating in general. This was the third or fourth time we went to a restaurant recommended by friends that turned out to be mediocre at best. When did it become acceptable to serve a relatively expensive yet totally mediocre steak? Just because something is a filet, or a short rib doesn’t mean it’s automatically delicious! Where is this going? Mom? Are you still there? 

Seriously, with all this worry about organic-this, low-cal-that, people seem to have lost focus on what actually tastes good. All cheesecakes are not made equal. Stop eating bad cheesecake. Please. Because then there won’t be bad cheesecake anymore and then I don’t have to risk bad cheesecake after I turn down the chocolate molten cake. Please.

Jewelmint Earrings. Vintage Cigar Box.

Tequila Shoes

So back to the basics, what I am drinking on a Wednesday night. I felt, however, that yesterday gave too much of a tip-off as to what was in my glass so I thought I would just move forward with it. If I said, Oh this bottle of wine is lovely etcetera etcetera you all would call me a liar because I told you yesterday I was drinking tequila with the BF. Of course, I could have wine before the tequila, but then again, its Wednesday.

So here I am, not lying, albeit not yet drinking tequila either (still plenty of time in the day for coffee). I’m reliving yesterday’s post a bit and daydreaming about how many articles of clothing I can fringe, while simultaneous recognizing that if its going to be a Margarita or a Mezcal evening, I better get me some sturdy shoes. Or these. I can rely on the boyfriend to wear flats.

Image Courtesy of jakandjil.com

I’ve learned more about tequila in the last few years. Some has been peer-pressured into my stomach by a friend of mine who can drink it like water and yet never seems to have any annunciation issues. Other times, it has come in a punch bowl. Once it even came in the form of my favorite drink, an Old Fashioned, at The Stanton Social in New York. More than once it has come in the way of Mezcal flights with tomato juice. Which I suppose isn’t technically tequila, but it’s awfully close.

I’ve also learned that tequila does not inevitably become a hurricane of a hangover, rather, if done correctly, it’s actually quite the cooperative spirit. I’m particularly partial to Corzo although the partiality is partially due to the fact that I find the bottle to be the most beautiful.

What is your favorite? Favorite Tequila creation? Favorite tequila memory that you can’t remember?

Wednesday Night Date Night

It’s been a long week. It’s Tuesday already, and holy Moses. I live in a new house, with a new roommate, very little in the way of closet space. It’s amazing how unaccomodating a person can be when you try to take over their entire closet. Are you sure you need clothes? If I had a dollar for every time I heard “How many shoes do you have?” I’d have two new pairs of shoes.

I’m kidding of course, the man took me in and gave me 3/4 of his closet, and for that I decided to take him out to dinner tomorrow night. We are going out to the South End in Boston for Mexican food tequila, and in my opinion that is the perfect reason to bring Little Phillip out for his first night on the town.

As always, inspiration for my outfit comes from Taylor Tomasi Hill who is perhaps one of the most brilliantly dressed women on the planet.

Now I can’t see into the future, especially because East Coast weather has been particularly fickle as of late, so I’ll update with actual results later. But as a general rule, the mid-week date is a little bit hard to dress for. On the one hand, you may be coming straight from work, which means you have little leeway unless you have a fashion-forward boss. On the other hand, you may be using the mid-week date to spice things up a bit, which means you need fringe on your shoes…or somewhere.

Yes I have already used this picture, but I sort of walked right into it and so I had to repost. I’m particularly fond of the instagramming effects I chose in this one (I’m daughterelle…follow me and see my pictures before they happen here). This fringe skirt from Zara is amazing, and I love it in blue too. Plus, it allows you to La Cucaracha with the best of ’em.

Of course, you don’t have to wear fringe on Wednesdays, but why the heck not? Dates love it, trust me.

Three Generations of Good Jeans

I did it, I graduated. They gave me my diploma, my life as a student is officially over. Thank goodness too. Enough is enough already. I think any more education and I’d become one of those know-it-alls who wins trivia (check) and loves documentaries (check). Too late I guess. Also, as I am rereading this, I am realizing how inept I am at feigning modesty, as most of the following post has become a discussion of how pretty and stylish I am. I guess I’m turning lawyer-esque after all. Well, at least I am still honest.

As most know, graduating anything involves a lot of family interaction. My mom and my grandma flew out to spend the long weekend here, and as per the usual, we spent a lot of time shopping and drinking and eating. In fact, one day, that was literally all that we did.

My mom and my grandma love to make a big fuss about how fun it is to take me shopping because everything looks good on me and blah blah blah and thank you, please tell me how good, ok stop it, but seriously, how good do I look? I knew it. It’s why I keep those two around. They asked me for advice on what to wear and buy like they couldn’t tell themselves (they can), and it made me laugh because everything I learned, I must have learned from them. I should also mention that they are both total babes, and I was repeatedly asked, “Wait, that’s your mom?” and then “Seriously, that’s your grandma?”

The point is, that they made me realize I needed a tan, and also that inspiration has a funny way of going full circle. This post is a bit more sentimental than I intended it to be, but give me a break, it’s been months off of writing and I just went through a big life moment. My mom used to let me wear whatever I wanted to school, which unfortunately led to my relatively low position on the social-totem pole. Mismatched socks, spandex shorts with Mickey Mouse mosaics, and L.A. Lights shoes. Then again, I now have the courage to wear skirts as dresses and tangle my hair around socks. Plus, we all know how much more confident you feel when you’re dressed well, and how confident you have to be to wear some outfits. And now the people who gave me that confidence are asking my advice on outfits! My mom was clearly a long-term thinker. I am just drawing full circles around my full circles. Spherical logic.

As easy as it is to copy what has been done before, there is value in moving forward and changing it up. I am not just talking about shoes, except for that I am mostly talking about shoes. Even better, it’s spring sales season which means shoes for everyone. Check out some of my picks below.

Untitled #126

At the top, Missoni, to the right some perfectly wonderful (and flat) Proenza Schouler. Perfect east coast summer wedge by Diane von Furstenberg. Below that, colorful Oscar de la RentaMarc by Marc Jacobs wedges, bejeweled Marni, Ankle chained Isabel Marant, and smack in the middle, the perfect-for-the-rest-of-your-life-seriously Chloé heel.

Back to Life

 Hello! Again! Blogworld Hello! I have missed you so much, good golly how are you? Please please read me! Law School is over, can you believe it? I know I sure can’t.

My plans to begin reposting really centered around a pair of suede Chloe heels which I had hoped would be waiting for me when I returned from my brother’s wedding in Colorado. Three unsuccessful UPS delivery attempts later, they are on their way back to Kentucky (seriously) and being that they are the last pair in my size, I am apparently unable to retrieve them. So back to the internet I went, to look at things I wish were mine, with a new perspective on life. Void of textbooks, outlines, highlighters and filled with sunshine, music and wine.

It of course led to thoughts about the music festivals I missed, and those that I plan to attend, albeit in October, but its never too early to plan an outfit. Or is it? It’s 2012 after all, maybe its not the right time to plan anything. Then again, I’ll have plenty of time to festival in October before the alleged apocolypse. So, yeah, I’ll plan some outfits.

Untitled #124

Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose says Austin to me apparently. Add some fringe and some cut out shoes (these or these) and you’re all set. For summer music, or any summer occasion really… Lace dress with some sort of utility jacket on top? Wooweee cowboy getta moveon. Or whatever they say in Austin…

The End of an Era–School not Blogging

It’s almost that time again, to graduate. Go from the top-of-the-top straight down to the bottom. Here’s to hopin’ Obama’s fiscal policy really turns this country around. Jobs! Jobs for everyone!

First things first though, I have to actually finish school and work and finals and that generally requires an element of focus, and so for that reason, I plan on taking a couple weeks off of blogging. You know, so I don’t fail, and then say “Well that was the best $200,000” that I ever spent, right…am I right?”

In the meantime, check out my tumblr, www.daughterelle.tumblr.com, where I will do my best to at least provide a visual documentation of my exciting happenings over the next few weeks.

Also, please be aware that this exercise has so far been J.V. level, and when I come back I am gunning for a varsity jacket. More specifically this one (Thakoon) and also I just really have a lot of ideas and a lot of spirit (how bout you) and really that’s all that I mean.

Enjoy the following few pieces of pure summer fabulousness, and rest assured that once finals are over, I will be extensively and constantly researching wine. All for you. I do it for you.

Summer Wish List


If you feel as though your summer is incomplete without any of these items, please get in touch with me and I will direct you right to them!!! xoxoxox I miss you already. 


He Said She Said: The Great Peplum Debate

Times are tough, the economy is no-good, and Uncle Sam isn’t so generous with his givings these days. Since when do Uncle’s charge interest? That can’t possibly be American. That puts me always on the lookout for a good deal, so when I see a two-for-one skirt, I have to get it. Even if it is technically only one skirt, that looks like two skirts, it still sends the message hey I am resourceful and very conscious of my budget.

To ensure that my investment in this skirt (available here) would be worth it, I sent this picture (while still clearly in the dressing room) to my best friend who told me “Where can’t you wear that?!?” Those were my sentiments exactly so into the ol’ shopping bag it went. Walking home, I realized I could eat a whole thanksgiving dinner and hide it under that top-skirt and figured I no longer had to save binge eating for one day a year. Holler.

I literally tried on four variations of the peplum trend, and planned on purchasing them all. However, I do enjoy eating during the week, and so thought it best my resources be used only for that peplum-piece that won over everyone’s hearts. Except for the one I already got. So surveying away I went.

Also available at Zara.

Lesson #1: No amount of style can save you from a sorry-looking expression. The extra layer of fabric went unnoticed to most of my male survey members, one of whom stated “The only place I’d want to take her is Great Clips.” Another stated, “She looks confused and I am just as confused as she is, is there a zipper under there?” I wasn’t sure what relevance the garment’s closure had until another told me it looked like it was made for easy urinal access. I guess that counts as resourceful.

On the other hand, some of my girlfriends thought this looked like a fun way to be serious while being serious and fun (my words not theirs). One (in marketing, in NYC, non-Peggy style) thought this serious/creative balance would help her boss realize the need to give her a well-earned promotion. Yet another thought the business on-top-party-on-the-bottom combo made her a solid choice for a cheap beer, liquid lunch date. You know, for bizniz.

Honestly though, I was a little disheartened by the lack of offense the male-participants took with that skirt. So disheartened in fact, I considered sending them a bunch of pictures of celebrities with short hair. Instead, I found this top which to me looks perfect for a work party, or holiday event, or bad-day when I need a little bit of glitter and cute. I was disheartened again to learn that the only event my friend though appropriate for this number would be a Carrot Top Show because I wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the room.

Top by Mulberry

Most of the offense came with the fact that the girl was pictured without a face, some wondered how fast she could run in cheetah shoes. One thought she resembled the Dutch Boy who serves as representative for the butter company, but then again, no that can’t be because she has a nice body and therefore likely avoids butter. All of my friends agreed that this shirt was way to cutesy (“She should go somewhere cliche, like a bachelorette party or “girls night”) to be worth the investment. And you all know I love a good consensus piece. I might not have thoroughly explained that yet…

Overall to me, that makes the first skirt a winner and the second shirt a loser. I’m not sure my desire to look professional at a work party (assuming I go to one of those someday) can be overcome by an association with Carrot Top.

Also I feel like I should give a Lesson #2 to provide some context to the first Lesson (above) but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. 

What do you think? Have you jumped on board the Peplum Trend? Would you wear any of these things? Please save me from embarrasment before I go full-peplum!

Romance and Rubber Heels

The only redeeming characteristic of the cold front that came in between two weeks of summer was that it gave me an excuse to put my favorite shoes of last season back on for one more last hurrah if you will.

Boots, Loeffler Randall. Jeans, Paige Premium Denim

 Yet in putting these back on, after a few weeks of flip-flops and wedge sneakers, I realized that my sprained ankle had not, in fact, healed. I, of course, realized this while putting my makeup on and listening to Call Me Maybe Boyfriend cool, hip music well before I left the house to go downtown to Eastern Standard for one last evening out before the rush of paper writing and outlining. I thought, just for a moment, I should protect my only right ankle I will ever have and put on flat boots. Then, a moment later, I realized I would have weeks of protecting my ankle and what would one more night out on the town with an ankle sprain really mean in the long run? After all, I’m 25 which I beginning to realize goes both ways in this argument.

Lace up Oxfords, Proenza Schouler.

On the one hand, I clearly still have incredibly limber ankles despite my increasing age. On the other hand, I already have arthritis in one of my toes after an unfortunate walking-right-into-the-wall accident a couple of years ago. Whatever my condition, it is clear that these things (stilettos or heels in general) almost surely involve some sort of pain or another, but for some reason, I can’t give them up. In fact, I love them. Love.

What is it about them that is so addicting? More so than any other real item of apparel that I own. I am always on the lookout for shoes, always. I am in awe of girls who do not enjoy.love.breathe shoes. Partly because I want to be them and partly because I wonder what is wrong with them. There is no good reason for this love affair that so many women all over the world suffer from. So what is it?! I’m pretty sure I spent every dollar I made last year on clothing, and 2/3 of that was on shoes. What is it?!?