Where to Wear White. Wear to Where White?

I’ll be honest, I messed up the h’s in the above title quite a few times. So I just went with it.

Wearing white and staying white is no small feat. Especially when you are out for dinner or drinks or anywhere besides a clean room. That is empty, with no dust. Which means, me taking my new dress on a hiking expedition, albeit a paved one, was probably not the best idea. But, while out-a-wandering, I realized that the only thing I could do in this is mingle at a party that served fruit-salad without strawberries. So that’s something.

White is allegedly one of the “colors of the season” which means I have to have it, but it must also mean that fashion people don’t make dinner plans and don’t have friends. See, that’s me above, acting like a fashion person. You know, wearing footwear to impractical destinations and wandering around. “Hey friends, where are you? Do I have friends? Mom?”

Dressing in doesn’t always get you in with the in crowd, I guess. But I promise it won’t leave you wandering around the woods along either. What I can tell you is that head-to-toe white looks amazing and new, and this is coming from a person who is already head-to-toe white.  It works anywhere but a wedding. Cocktails, dinner parties, BBQs whatever. I am totally into it. In fact, there is a new white Panama hat sitting at my feet and I am trying to devise a way to photoshop it into these photos.

I’m also planning in my head, that has the hat on it now, a brunch date for my boyfriend to take me on so that I can put this lil’ number on again. I’ll add the hat and pre-sun-soak and we’ll see if I don’t make some friends then!

Dress, Kimberly Ovitz. Shoes, BCBG Max Azria. Bag, See by Chloe.


Westside is Bestside

This is the neighborhood I grew up in. My house is certainly one of those that has succumbed to the fire. A very wise woman wrote today, “Reminds us of what is important. Our trust in God, and our relationships with others. Everything else is destroyed at the drop of a match.”

Food for Thought

Dinner last night. Lotsa wine, no tequila which I suppose now makes me a double liar. Also, in lieu of fringe I wore floral and stripes as a way of adapting to the fact that the temperatures were low and my lower limbs were somewhat unshaven.

Top, Urban Outfitters. Vest, Rag & Bone. Clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jeans, J Brand.

Shoes, Pour La Victoire. Nars Orgasm Blush. Tom Ford Perfume. Madewell bracelet.

I’m not going to say the name of the restaurant because I don’t have a lot of nice things to say and I’m more of what they call a gossiper. Plus, I already told you the genre and neighborhood so if you’re really dying to know I’m sure you can figure it out on your own. Double plus, if you ask me I’ll tell you.

During dinner, I often shift into my food-critic alter-ego to analyze the precision of the cooking techniques (“This steak is SO not medium”), the creativity of the dish and the appearance of the plate. I’m telling you, they could someone should pay me for this stuff. Last night, the filet was very much overcooked, the swiss chard was so salty I couldn’t eat it, and we were pretty sure that the cornbread puree was cornbread batter. The goat-cheese cheesecake was overcooked and tart, with really-tart strawberries on top and stale, whole pistachios on the side.  The meal was not terrible, but it wasn’t great either.

Being that we are now law school graduates and were nearing the end of our second bottle of wine, we took the conversation up a notch to discuss the overall complacency of food, restaurants and eating in general. This was the third or fourth time we went to a restaurant recommended by friends that turned out to be mediocre at best. When did it become acceptable to serve a relatively expensive yet totally mediocre steak? Just because something is a filet, or a short rib doesn’t mean it’s automatically delicious! Where is this going? Mom? Are you still there? 

Seriously, with all this worry about organic-this, low-cal-that, people seem to have lost focus on what actually tastes good. All cheesecakes are not made equal. Stop eating bad cheesecake. Please. Because then there won’t be bad cheesecake anymore and then I don’t have to risk bad cheesecake after I turn down the chocolate molten cake. Please.

Jewelmint Earrings. Vintage Cigar Box.

Tequila Shoes

So back to the basics, what I am drinking on a Wednesday night. I felt, however, that yesterday gave too much of a tip-off as to what was in my glass so I thought I would just move forward with it. If I said, Oh this bottle of wine is lovely etcetera etcetera you all would call me a liar because I told you yesterday I was drinking tequila with the BF. Of course, I could have wine before the tequila, but then again, its Wednesday.

So here I am, not lying, albeit not yet drinking tequila either (still plenty of time in the day for coffee). I’m reliving yesterday’s post a bit and daydreaming about how many articles of clothing I can fringe, while simultaneous recognizing that if its going to be a Margarita or a Mezcal evening, I better get me some sturdy shoes. Or these. I can rely on the boyfriend to wear flats.

Image Courtesy of jakandjil.com

I’ve learned more about tequila in the last few years. Some has been peer-pressured into my stomach by a friend of mine who can drink it like water and yet never seems to have any annunciation issues. Other times, it has come in a punch bowl. Once it even came in the form of my favorite drink, an Old Fashioned, at The Stanton Social in New York. More than once it has come in the way of Mezcal flights with tomato juice. Which I suppose isn’t technically tequila, but it’s awfully close.

I’ve also learned that tequila does not inevitably become a hurricane of a hangover, rather, if done correctly, it’s actually quite the cooperative spirit. I’m particularly partial to Corzo although the partiality is partially due to the fact that I find the bottle to be the most beautiful.

What is your favorite? Favorite Tequila creation? Favorite tequila memory that you can’t remember?

Wednesday Night Date Night

It’s been a long week. It’s Tuesday already, and holy Moses. I live in a new house, with a new roommate, very little in the way of closet space. It’s amazing how unaccomodating a person can be when you try to take over their entire closet. Are you sure you need clothes? If I had a dollar for every time I heard “How many shoes do you have?” I’d have two new pairs of shoes.

I’m kidding of course, the man took me in and gave me 3/4 of his closet, and for that I decided to take him out to dinner tomorrow night. We are going out to the South End in Boston for Mexican food tequila, and in my opinion that is the perfect reason to bring Little Phillip out for his first night on the town.

As always, inspiration for my outfit comes from Taylor Tomasi Hill who is perhaps one of the most brilliantly dressed women on the planet.

Now I can’t see into the future, especially because East Coast weather has been particularly fickle as of late, so I’ll update with actual results later. But as a general rule, the mid-week date is a little bit hard to dress for. On the one hand, you may be coming straight from work, which means you have little leeway unless you have a fashion-forward boss. On the other hand, you may be using the mid-week date to spice things up a bit, which means you need fringe on your shoes…or somewhere.

Yes I have already used this picture, but I sort of walked right into it and so I had to repost. I’m particularly fond of the instagramming effects I chose in this one (I’m daughterelle…follow me and see my pictures before they happen here). This fringe skirt from Zara is amazing, and I love it in blue too. Plus, it allows you to La Cucaracha with the best of ’em.

Of course, you don’t have to wear fringe on Wednesdays, but why the heck not? Dates love it, trust me.

Back with Bags

Under my eyes and under my arm.

I know I said I was back, but now I am really back. Actually this time. Sometimes, little life-y things like landlords and graduation parties and whatnot get in the way. Of blogging. About my life.

Here’s an instagram recap:


The good news, as I hope is clear, is that all those activities were marvelous, and delicious. The better news is that little Phillip and Little Marc (above) arrived almost a week early which means its blogging time again! Oh heavens how I’ve missed it (and you dear readers).

Come see their new adventures aka stay tuned because I forgot to bring my camera cord today so I can’t upload the pictures. It’s a soft opening/return. Except for that it’s my second soft opening. Ok bye….

Visual Stimulation to Get You Through the Wednesday

Just think, its almost the end of the week which means its almost the weekend. Hopefully your weather has been as enjoyable–if windy–as it has been here in Boston these last few days. I for one, cannot get enough of the sunshine.

Outtake from Yesterday's Post.

Oh yeah, that all happened. Except dinner with Miranda Kerr, but it seemed so topical.

What I Drank on Wednesday Night

I had to write this in past tense, because there was a little bit of a twist on my normal weekday drinking habit, and that was oil painting. I wanted to write this in advance, but as it turns out, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be fun in a fun way, or fun in a what-the-hell-this-is-hilarious kind of way.

Update: We had so much fun painting it was ridiculous. Although we were forced to listen to U2 all night (which I’m sure we can all agree is the worst band ever created), Dorothy (see below) described it as a birthday party where you get to leave with a present. We both agreed that the painting for the night (see below) looked like Armageddon-without-gravity-plus-jellybeans, and despite the fact that we tried to hang it up in someone else’s house on the way home from the bar so we wouldn’t have to look at it all the time, it sure was fun to make.

Back to past tense, Nevertheless, we started with Slane Castle Whiskey (Whisky), which is one of my new favorite bottles of anything. First, because its delicious. Second, its not expensive. And Third, its actually made in Slane Castle, and they have concerts at the castle, and I just love the whole ambiance of everything this bottle originates from. The family and the castle has been producing Whiskey since the 18th century. Its floral, and it really comes alive with ice cubes. It’s great on its own, but it makes quite the old fashioned as well. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Mad Men too, I love the nostalgia of it.

Anyway, painting…

I had some pretty rad black and white patterned jeans on (here…I think you can see I went through a pretty serious Rag & Bone phase) that I wish made it into the picture, but that’s ok.

The bf has commented on my overall good mood since this night, and we have agreed that all I need in life is arts & crafts, alcohol and cheese to be happy. So that’s my new plan…

The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Part IV)

I love rice, I love rice, I love anything with rice in it, on it, around it. It’s my favorite. Sushi, white, fried, brown, pudding, drinkable. I can’t explain it, I always have.

One of my all time favorites is the fried rice at Billy Tse’s in the North End of Boston.

I “discovered” this place on a date night shortly before my first round of law school finals. Really, my soon-to-be boyfriend brought me there before a round of studying or memo writing watching TV and drinking wine and eating said Chinese food. I knew the North End was known for its Italian, and so when he took me to the Chinese place, I thought, “I’m gonna like this one…” (Two weeks later I accosted him at a bar and informed him he was my boyfriend from then-on. Being that he is still with me, he obviously remains very intimidated by me and my opinions).

At that juncture, I knew a few things about this one, shall we call him “Mr. Western Wear.” (Inside joke, but objectively hilarious nickname). Great hair, questionable taste in music, awful taste in TV shows (Survivor 1-14), completely brilliant and wonderful. I also knew he had a Reese Witherspoon-look-a-like-ex-girlfriend who lived around the corner, so when a beautiful, blonde girl came in the restaurant to say hi, I hid my face behind my study guides and swore I would never eat rice again if I managed to save face for the next five minutes.

Thinking back, I’m not sure whether I actually fulfilled my end of the bargain so I could clear-heartedly eat that night. On the one hand it was an old friend from college, thus relieving all my anxiety. On the other hand, can you really say “you saved face” if you have to crawl out from behind your stack of study guides to meet a new boyfriend’s old college friend? “Oh hi, just reading things really closely so I learn them better, so nice to meet you.

Nevertheless, the fact that I chose to dive into my takeout carton was all very lucky for my stomach, as I got to experience what would become my go-to comfort food in Boston. It’s kind of hard to explain why it is good, because when it comes down to it, its fried rice. But as far as fried rice goes, it’s just so good. Circular reasoning at its finest (I killed the LSAT). Anytime I am conflicted with feelings of hunger and a simultaneous need to be cuddled, this fried rice cures me. It’s a treat and a hug at the same time.

Rice aside, they have many other worthwhile dishes. Spicy Thai Basil Chicken being my other favorite. I also recommend the Agedashi tofu.

Now, when I call and order Chicken Fried Rice, Two Miso Soups, and Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, they (Billy) say “Oh hello! Mr. Western Wear, how have you been?!?”