Westside is Bestside

This is the neighborhood I grew up in. My house is certainly one of those that has succumbed to the fire. A very wise woman wrote today, “Reminds us of what is important. Our trust in God, and our relationships with others. Everything else is destroyed at the drop of a match.”


Tequila Shoes

So back to the basics, what I am drinking on a Wednesday night. I felt, however, that yesterday gave too much of a tip-off as to what was in my glass so I thought I would just move forward with it. If I said, Oh this bottle of wine is lovely etcetera etcetera you all would call me a liar because I told you yesterday I was drinking tequila with the BF. Of course, I could have wine before the tequila, but then again, its Wednesday.

So here I am, not lying, albeit not yet drinking tequila either (still plenty of time in the day for coffee). I’m reliving yesterday’s post a bit and daydreaming about how many articles of clothing I can fringe, while simultaneous recognizing that if its going to be a Margarita or a Mezcal evening, I better get me some sturdy shoes. Or these. I can rely on the boyfriend to wear flats.

Image Courtesy of jakandjil.com

I’ve learned more about tequila in the last few years. Some has been peer-pressured into my stomach by a friend of mine who can drink it like water and yet never seems to have any annunciation issues. Other times, it has come in a punch bowl. Once it even came in the form of my favorite drink, an Old Fashioned, at The Stanton Social in New York. More than once it has come in the way of Mezcal flights with tomato juice. Which I suppose isn’t technically tequila, but it’s awfully close.

I’ve also learned that tequila does not inevitably become a hurricane of a hangover, rather, if done correctly, it’s actually quite the cooperative spirit. I’m particularly partial to Corzo although the partiality is partially due to the fact that I find the bottle to be the most beautiful.

What is your favorite? Favorite Tequila creation? Favorite tequila memory that you can’t remember?

Patio Drinking Must Have

I know I have been preaching rosé in the summertime, and now that it’s summertime, I am switching it up on you. Sort of, trust me, there are plenty of pink wines in my wine celler on the shelf in my house. But this white is just way too good to keep off your drinking patio.

Clean Slate Riesling. Get it in your glass. It’s not expensive and its beyond delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had a white wine (for this price especially) that was this good. That’s not true, there was one, but I can’t remember what it was. Which is really a non-issue unless I can remember it of course.

You may notice that the bottle in the picture is empty. But all I can say is…practice what you preach. It’s summer, I’m thirsty, I’m drinking it.

I’d love to hear what you think of this bottle! Let me know what your favorite summer beverage/bottle is!

On Eating Blueberry Pie on a Wednesday

I think by now my existential crisis has become abundantly clear. Yes yes yes you say, I get it, you are confused about whether or not to wear Peplum, if Pastel is a lasting trend, and how many bottles of wine you can drink in a week and feel ok about yourself. The answer to the last one is the more you drink the better you feel about yourself, except that turns into an opposite at a certain point. Where that point is simply begs the original question, so I guess we are just back to where we started. Moving right along, then.

Yesterday, while wandering around Whole Foods looking for something for dinner, I exclaimed/grunted “I’m in a rut,” to which the bf responded by buying me a blueberry pie. Valiant effort to be sure, it certainly improved my mood. On the other hand, the only thing worse than that would have been me wandering around by myself, grunting and buying pies to eat alone in my mismatched sweat pants. Which, in effect, is the same thing except I am up $12 in real-life.

But alas, one cannot live on wine and blueberry pie alone, and the ever-pressing peplum inquiry will go unanswered without true experimentation and evaluation (stay.tuned). Yet in the face of what is perhaps to be my very last round (please God please) of finals ever, the threat of a tangly-haired, sweat-panted, Ugg-infested rut is very real. So I brought out my favorite things and threw them on my bed to remember: I’m a real person, in the real world and people have to look at me. I imagine they would rather look at sequins than anything with the words “PINK” or “Adidas” on them…

Similarly, I finally downloaded my Food & Wine subscription to my iPad. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, its like reading a magazine at Hogwarts it is so interactive. I am committed to avoiding my 1L faux pas of eating three jars of peanut butter (hold the bread) in a matter of 12 days.

No, that means I’m eating brain food: Red meat, dark greens, bright reds. For breakfast, think Stella McCartney RTW Spring 2011. (You are what you eat). Just healthy all around. All day everyday. Nothing gets you more in a rut than gross take-out food and grumpy delivery guys. Plus, if I fail all else fails (fail is a poor choice of word considering the subject matter) I get hungry, I still have three-quarters half of a blueberry pie. Rut be damned. Or filled, or whatever.

Get the recipe here: Food & Wine, Spiced Rubbed T-Bone Steak. But please remember, if we are in a class together, its preferable to me that you not eat this until a month or two after the exam. Unless spicy food gives you indigestion, in which case, be my guest. Muahahaha… Sorry, good luck.

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Visual Stimulation to Get You Through the Wednesday

Just think, its almost the end of the week which means its almost the weekend. Hopefully your weather has been as enjoyable–if windy–as it has been here in Boston these last few days. I for one, cannot get enough of the sunshine.

Outtake from Yesterday's Post.

Oh yeah, that all happened. Except dinner with Miranda Kerr, but it seemed so topical.

Investment Piece

My Nespresso Machine. I’ve mentioned this before, that I have purchased a lot of things that are things that make me super happy (Zebra shoes?!?) but this literally makes me happy every morning I use it. It smells amazing, it looks great on my countertop, and oh boy, is it delicious.

Mine was funded largely by gift cards from parents and grandmas, my brother bought me some of the coffee. For many students, I know this may be out of reach. But to those of you…all of you who want one, I have one word for you—Graduation. Find ways to make this terrible and anxiety-filled time into something happy and delicious. What better way to calm down than with caffeine? Plus it’s easier to feel comfortable about making an investment into something you actually know you will use forever, unlike this silly legal education. Buying this says, I am a grown-up and I learned from my mistakes, and also, what’s the difference between $120,000 of debt and $120,200 in debt?!? Don’t tell Uncle Sam I said that….

The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Part IV)

I love rice, I love rice, I love anything with rice in it, on it, around it. It’s my favorite. Sushi, white, fried, brown, pudding, drinkable. I can’t explain it, I always have.

One of my all time favorites is the fried rice at Billy Tse’s in the North End of Boston.

I “discovered” this place on a date night shortly before my first round of law school finals. Really, my soon-to-be boyfriend brought me there before a round of studying or memo writing watching TV and drinking wine and eating said Chinese food. I knew the North End was known for its Italian, and so when he took me to the Chinese place, I thought, “I’m gonna like this one…” (Two weeks later I accosted him at a bar and informed him he was my boyfriend from then-on. Being that he is still with me, he obviously remains very intimidated by me and my opinions).

At that juncture, I knew a few things about this one, shall we call him “Mr. Western Wear.” (Inside joke, but objectively hilarious nickname). Great hair, questionable taste in music, awful taste in TV shows (Survivor 1-14), completely brilliant and wonderful. I also knew he had a Reese Witherspoon-look-a-like-ex-girlfriend who lived around the corner, so when a beautiful, blonde girl came in the restaurant to say hi, I hid my face behind my study guides and swore I would never eat rice again if I managed to save face for the next five minutes.

Thinking back, I’m not sure whether I actually fulfilled my end of the bargain so I could clear-heartedly eat that night. On the one hand it was an old friend from college, thus relieving all my anxiety. On the other hand, can you really say “you saved face” if you have to crawl out from behind your stack of study guides to meet a new boyfriend’s old college friend? “Oh hi, just reading things really closely so I learn them better, so nice to meet you.

Nevertheless, the fact that I chose to dive into my takeout carton was all very lucky for my stomach, as I got to experience what would become my go-to comfort food in Boston. It’s kind of hard to explain why it is good, because when it comes down to it, its fried rice. But as far as fried rice goes, it’s just so good. Circular reasoning at its finest (I killed the LSAT). Anytime I am conflicted with feelings of hunger and a simultaneous need to be cuddled, this fried rice cures me. It’s a treat and a hug at the same time.

Rice aside, they have many other worthwhile dishes. Spicy Thai Basil Chicken being my other favorite. I also recommend the Agedashi tofu.

Now, when I call and order Chicken Fried Rice, Two Miso Soups, and Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, they (Billy) say “Oh hello! Mr. Western Wear, how have you been?!?”

Just a Pinch of Guilt, and a Taste of Silly

So please forgive my general absence this week. Yesterday’s post was me feeling guilty about not writing more, and then I started feeling guilty about only writing about shoes and colorful things, and then more feeling guilty about feeling guilty about things that I love even though they are things because I love them and who can be mad at me for that. Guilty.

 Are you picking up what I’m throwin’ down?

I have generally been in a bit of a sour mood lately, the fact that I was able to pair chambray with floral shorts and sandals for only a brief moment before being shoved back into boots and sweaters doesn’t help. I could go on and on, but it basically boils down to the fact that the world doesn’t get me and that makes me want to wear more eyeliner and get a pocket chain, and cover one eyelinered-eye with my hair, blah blah blah…

Only darkened one eye. Only half-emotional

But then it hit me. The whole reason I began being-a-blogger-and-what-not was to share my love of food and wine and shoes. And the whole reason I started cooking was to have something amazing to do at the end of a day. Sure, my feet are nowhere near my hair or my food, but I am pretty sure this finally counts as going full circle. Like in life.  

So I’m not much one for recipes, I like to kind of make things up as I go. This makes cooking more enjoyable to me because I feel like I am truly creating something. It also makes me a terrible baker and provides a sound reason my biscuits turn out like rocks.


To avoid making the same thing over and over, I need a few kitchen-references, which is why I love to watch Iron Chef and read Food & Wine. But despite the fact that I don’t have the Iron Chef resources in my apartment, this little spice and herb book gives me way more freedom to make what I want with what I have and have it turn out somewhat delicious.

By highlighting flavor and spice combinations, it teaches you about flavors on a big scale—what works and what doesn’t. It’s allowed me to build some complexity into my cooking, so that I have moved beyond “spicy” or “sweet.” Also, when I compile-a-pile of unregulated no-recipe spices, I feel more confident in throwing them in the pot, and less reliant on the ol’ fingers-crossed method of cooking without direction.