Three Generations of Good Jeans

I did it, I graduated. They gave me my diploma, my life as a student is officially over. Thank goodness too. Enough is enough already. I think any more education and I’d become one of those know-it-alls who wins trivia (check) and loves documentaries (check). Too late I guess. Also, as I am rereading this, I am realizing how inept I am at feigning modesty, as most of the following post has become a discussion of how pretty and stylish I am. I guess I’m turning lawyer-esque after all. Well, at least I am still honest.

As most know, graduating anything involves a lot of family interaction. My mom and my grandma flew out to spend the long weekend here, and as per the usual, we spent a lot of time shopping and drinking and eating. In fact, one day, that was literally all that we did.

My mom and my grandma love to make a big fuss about how fun it is to take me shopping because everything looks good on me and blah blah blah and thank you, please tell me how good, ok stop it, but seriously, how good do I look? I knew it. It’s why I keep those two around. They asked me for advice on what to wear and buy like they couldn’t tell themselves (they can), and it made me laugh because everything I learned, I must have learned from them. I should also mention that they are both total babes, and I was repeatedly asked, “Wait, that’s your mom?” and then “Seriously, that’s your grandma?”

The point is, that they made me realize I needed a tan, and also that inspiration has a funny way of going full circle. This post is a bit more sentimental than I intended it to be, but give me a break, it’s been months off of writing and I just went through a big life moment. My mom used to let me wear whatever I wanted to school, which unfortunately led to my relatively low position on the social-totem pole. Mismatched socks, spandex shorts with Mickey Mouse mosaics, and L.A. Lights shoes. Then again, I now have the courage to wear skirts as dresses and tangle my hair around socks. Plus, we all know how much more confident you feel when you’re dressed well, and how confident you have to be to wear some outfits. And now the people who gave me that confidence are asking my advice on outfits! My mom was clearly a long-term thinker. I am just drawing full circles around my full circles. Spherical logic.

As easy as it is to copy what has been done before, there is value in moving forward and changing it up. I am not just talking about shoes, except for that I am mostly talking about shoes. Even better, it’s spring sales season which means shoes for everyone. Check out some of my picks below.

Untitled #126

At the top, Missoni, to the right some perfectly wonderful (and flat) Proenza Schouler. Perfect east coast summer wedge by Diane von Furstenberg. Below that, colorful Oscar de la RentaMarc by Marc Jacobs wedges, bejeweled Marni, Ankle chained Isabel Marant, and smack in the middle, the perfect-for-the-rest-of-your-life-seriously Chloé heel.


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