Back with Bags

Under my eyes and under my arm.

I know I said I was back, but now I am really back. Actually this time. Sometimes, little life-y things like landlords and graduation parties and whatnot get in the way. Of blogging. About my life.

Here’s an instagram recap:


The good news, as I hope is clear, is that all those activities were marvelous, and delicious. The better news is that little Phillip and Little Marc (above) arrived almost a week early which means its blogging time again! Oh heavens how I’ve missed it (and you dear readers).

Come see their new adventures aka stay tuned because I forgot to bring my camera cord today so I can’t upload the pictures. It’s a soft opening/return. Except for that it’s my second soft opening. Ok bye….


3 thoughts on “Back with Bags

  1. Graduation present to yourself? I approve.

    Also, I’m so happy for David. And your bags. (Although I originally thought when you said bags under your arms that you meant you had saggy arms and I was prepared to call you a liar. Then I remembered how fashionable you are and how my mom-world is slightly different than your lawyer-world. This is why we’re friends.)

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