Back to Life

 Hello! Again! Blogworld Hello! I have missed you so much, good golly how are you? Please please read me! Law School is over, can you believe it? I know I sure can’t.

My plans to begin reposting really centered around a pair of suede Chloe heels which I had hoped would be waiting for me when I returned from my brother’s wedding in Colorado. Three unsuccessful UPS delivery attempts later, they are on their way back to Kentucky (seriously) and being that they are the last pair in my size, I am apparently unable to retrieve them. So back to the internet I went, to look at things I wish were mine, with a new perspective on life. Void of textbooks, outlines, highlighters and filled with sunshine, music and wine.

It of course led to thoughts about the music festivals I missed, and those that I plan to attend, albeit in October, but its never too early to plan an outfit. Or is it? It’s 2012 after all, maybe its not the right time to plan anything. Then again, I’ll have plenty of time to festival in October before the alleged apocolypse. So, yeah, I’ll plan some outfits.

Untitled #124

Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose says Austin to me apparently. Add some fringe and some cut out shoes (these or these) and you’re all set. For summer music, or any summer occasion really… Lace dress with some sort of utility jacket on top? Wooweee cowboy getta moveon. Or whatever they say in Austin…


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