He Said She Said: The Great Peplum Debate

Times are tough, the economy is no-good, and Uncle Sam isn’t so generous with his givings these days. Since when do Uncle’s charge interest? That can’t possibly be American. That puts me always on the lookout for a good deal, so when I see a two-for-one skirt, I have to get it. Even if it is technically only one skirt, that looks like two skirts, it still sends the message hey I am resourceful and very conscious of my budget.

To ensure that my investment in this skirt (available here) would be worth it, I sent this picture (while still clearly in the dressing room) to my best friend who told me “Where can’t you wear that?!?” Those were my sentiments exactly so into the ol’ shopping bag it went. Walking home, I realized I could eat a whole thanksgiving dinner and hide it under that top-skirt and figured I no longer had to save binge eating for one day a year. Holler.

I literally tried on four variations of the peplum trend, and planned on purchasing them all. However, I do enjoy eating during the week, and so thought it best my resources be used only for that peplum-piece that won over everyone’s hearts. Except for the one I already got. So surveying away I went.

Also available at Zara.

Lesson #1: No amount of style can save you from a sorry-looking expression. The extra layer of fabric went unnoticed to most of my male survey members, one of whom stated “The only place I’d want to take her is Great Clips.” Another stated, “She looks confused and I am just as confused as she is, is there a zipper under there?” I wasn’t sure what relevance the garment’s closure had until another told me it looked like it was made for easy urinal access. I guess that counts as resourceful.

On the other hand, some of my girlfriends thought this looked like a fun way to be serious while being serious and fun (my words not theirs). One (in marketing, in NYC, non-Peggy style) thought this serious/creative balance would help her boss realize the need to give her a well-earned promotion. Yet another thought the business on-top-party-on-the-bottom combo made her a solid choice for a cheap beer, liquid lunch date. You know, for bizniz.

Honestly though, I was a little disheartened by the lack of offense the male-participants took with that skirt. So disheartened in fact, I considered sending them a bunch of pictures of celebrities with short hair. Instead, I found this top which to me looks perfect for a work party, or holiday event, or bad-day when I need a little bit of glitter and cute. I was disheartened again to learn that the only event my friend though appropriate for this number would be a Carrot Top Show because I wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the room.

Top by Mulberry

Most of the offense came with the fact that the girl was pictured without a face, some wondered how fast she could run in cheetah shoes. One thought she resembled the Dutch Boy who serves as representative for the butter company, but then again, no that can’t be because she has a nice body and therefore likely avoids butter. All of my friends agreed that this shirt was way to cutesy (“She should go somewhere cliche, like a bachelorette party or “girls night”) to be worth the investment. And you all know I love a good consensus piece. I might not have thoroughly explained that yet…

Overall to me, that makes the first skirt a winner and the second shirt a loser. I’m not sure my desire to look professional at a work party (assuming I go to one of those someday) can be overcome by an association with Carrot Top.

Also I feel like I should give a Lesson #2 to provide some context to the first Lesson (above) but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. 

What do you think? Have you jumped on board the Peplum Trend? Would you wear any of these things? Please save me from embarrasment before I go full-peplum!


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