On Eating Blueberry Pie on a Wednesday

I think by now my existential crisis has become abundantly clear. Yes yes yes you say, I get it, you are confused about whether or not to wear Peplum, if Pastel is a lasting trend, and how many bottles of wine you can drink in a week and feel ok about yourself. The answer to the last one is the more you drink the better you feel about yourself, except that turns into an opposite at a certain point. Where that point is simply begs the original question, so I guess we are just back to where we started. Moving right along, then.

Yesterday, while wandering around Whole Foods looking for something for dinner, I exclaimed/grunted “I’m in a rut,” to which the bf responded by buying me a blueberry pie. Valiant effort to be sure, it certainly improved my mood. On the other hand, the only thing worse than that would have been me wandering around by myself, grunting and buying pies to eat alone in my mismatched sweat pants. Which, in effect, is the same thing except I am up $12 in real-life.

But alas, one cannot live on wine and blueberry pie alone, and the ever-pressing peplum inquiry will go unanswered without true experimentation and evaluation (stay.tuned). Yet in the face of what is perhaps to be my very last round (please God please) of finals ever, the threat of a tangly-haired, sweat-panted, Ugg-infested rut is very real. So I brought out my favorite things and threw them on my bed to remember: I’m a real person, in the real world and people have to look at me. I imagine they would rather look at sequins than anything with the words “PINK” or “Adidas” on them…

Similarly, I finally downloaded my Food & Wine subscription to my iPad. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, its like reading a magazine at Hogwarts it is so interactive. I am committed to avoiding my 1L faux pas of eating three jars of peanut butter (hold the bread) in a matter of 12 days.

No, that means I’m eating brain food: Red meat, dark greens, bright reds. For breakfast, think Stella McCartney RTW Spring 2011. (You are what you eat). Just healthy all around. All day everyday. Nothing gets you more in a rut than gross take-out food and grumpy delivery guys. Plus, if I fail all else fails (fail is a poor choice of word considering the subject matter) I get hungry, I still have three-quarters half of a blueberry pie. Rut be damned. Or filled, or whatever.

Get the recipe here: Food & Wine, Spiced Rubbed T-Bone Steak. But please remember, if we are in a class together, its preferable to me that you not eat this until a month or two after the exam. Unless spicy food gives you indigestion, in which case, be my guest. Muahahaha… Sorry, good luck.

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