Outdoorsy Outfits

Spring time is upon us. Finally. I shouldn’t whine because we didn’t really have a winter. But, this is my last summer before I join the ranks of the real world (theoretically anyway) and I fully intend to spend much of it drinking during the day. On patios. Being outdoorsy-and-what-not.

Getting as much sunshine and fresh air as all those suckers who camp and hike, but looking better and remaining within close proximity to indoor plumbing and air conditioning. I’ll have the Vitamin D, hold the bugs, thanks.

Untitled #121

All of these outfits just scream rooftop deck to me, beer in plastic cups, fresh salads hamburgers and french fries. Rose of course. I just purchased a bottle of Isabel Mondavi Cabernet Rose. It’s a deep red color, and slightly effervescent. I had it last night with homemade tacos, and it stood up quite well with spicy food. I think it would also do well with barbeque and perhaps some straw wedges on the side (here…heaven incarnate). Pair them with a green scalloped skirt, epitome of fashion this spring (here). You could buy that $200 t-shirt up there, but I think this “Celine Me Alone” one is beyond cool and I’m not sure why I don’t own it yet.

My favorite bar in college had the best roof. Unfortunately it was shut down for either money laundering, or embezzlement (so hard to keep track of these days…) and last time I was there, the bar tender fell in love with my best friend and poured us drinks until I face planted. Seriously. The next morning, I left my last class of college ever to throw up in the bathroom. I would say “sorry Mom” as per usual, but she knows this because she came up to Boulder to pick me and celebrate, but then literally just had to pick me up.

I’m not going to lie, my experience in Boston has been sort of void of rooftop bars. There is a great one at Atlantic Beer Garden in the Seaport District, and the new Legal Sea Foods has a pretty ridiculous view of the bay here in Boston. We also have a whole street pretty much dedicated to eating outside in the Spring time, but I generally enjoy drinking more when I am at least three stories off the ground. I’m from Colorado, it feels like home up there.

Where do you live? Where do you drink up high or down low outdoors? I need some new vacay ideas, and anywhere with booze and a patio is pretty much where I want to be. So let me know where your favorites are. Here in Boston, anywhere on the East Coast, anywhere where you want to be if you are someone or want to be someone. Ok, I promise if you invite me I won’t say nonsense like that….


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