Just a Smalltown Grape…

Yes I went back to Urban Grape and Yes I bought the sampler and Yes a bunch of Roses, and No they aren’t all gone. Or are they? I don’t have to tell you. But they aren’t, that would be crazy. It’s Easter weekend, which means, don’t drink 6 bottles of wine at the same time. Actually, I’m not sure that advice is really seasonal. Anywhooo…

Image courtesy of Qweddings.com

While there we learned about the Languedoc region of Southern France (see, I’m sayin’ these people mean business) which is the largest wine producing region in France. In fact, it produces more wine than all of California combined. Can you combine California? There is only one state, lots of regions…. Grammar-conundrum.

Typically, the reds are a blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan. We tried a Rose from Corbieres which was light and spicy. Perfect perfect for summer.

The benefit of these wines is that they don’t come with the increased price of wines from Burgundy, Cotes de Rhone, or Champagne. Languedoc simply doesn’t have the same brand power. At the same time, its such a big producer that there is a lot to choose from!

Go to the wine store, resist the urge to be intimidated by the lack of English on the bottle. Drink Deliciousness.


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