Investment Piece

My Nespresso Machine. I’ve mentioned this before, that I have purchased a lot of things that are things that make me super happy (Zebra shoes?!?) but this literally makes me happy every morning I use it. It smells amazing, it looks great on my countertop, and oh boy, is it delicious.

Mine was funded largely by gift cards from parents and grandmas, my brother bought me some of the coffee. For many students, I know this may be out of reach. But to those of you…all of you who want one, I have one word for you—Graduation. Find ways to make this terrible and anxiety-filled time into something happy and delicious. What better way to calm down than with caffeine? Plus it’s easier to feel comfortable about making an investment into something you actually know you will use forever, unlike this silly legal education. Buying this says, I am a grown-up and I learned from my mistakes, and also, what’s the difference between $120,000 of debt and $120,200 in debt?!? Don’t tell Uncle Sam I said that….


2 thoughts on “Investment Piece

  1. I too own a Nespresso. Mine is older than yours and not as pretty but it makes me so happy too. I love to receive espresso capsules in the mail. I have bought many espresso machines and Nespresso is by far the best. The company guarantees their product and customer service is great. I also recommend investing in the separate milk frother. Great post–Nespresso=Heaven!

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