The End of an Era–School not Blogging

It’s almost that time again, to graduate. Go from the top-of-the-top straight down to the bottom. Here’s to hopin’ Obama’s fiscal policy really turns this country around. Jobs! Jobs for everyone!

First things first though, I have to actually finish school and work and finals and that generally requires an element of focus, and so for that reason, I plan on taking a couple weeks off of blogging. You know, so I don’t fail, and then say “Well that was the best $200,000” that I ever spent, right…am I right?”

In the meantime, check out my tumblr,, where I will do my best to at least provide a visual documentation of my exciting happenings over the next few weeks.

Also, please be aware that this exercise has so far been J.V. level, and when I come back I am gunning for a varsity jacket. More specifically this one (Thakoon) and also I just really have a lot of ideas and a lot of spirit (how bout you) and really that’s all that I mean.

Enjoy the following few pieces of pure summer fabulousness, and rest assured that once finals are over, I will be extensively and constantly researching wine. All for you. I do it for you.

Summer Wish List


If you feel as though your summer is incomplete without any of these items, please get in touch with me and I will direct you right to them!!! xoxoxox I miss you already. 



He Said She Said: The Great Peplum Debate

Times are tough, the economy is no-good, and Uncle Sam isn’t so generous with his givings these days. Since when do Uncle’s charge interest? That can’t possibly be American. That puts me always on the lookout for a good deal, so when I see a two-for-one skirt, I have to get it. Even if it is technically only one skirt, that looks like two skirts, it still sends the message hey I am resourceful and very conscious of my budget.

To ensure that my investment in this skirt (available here) would be worth it, I sent this picture (while still clearly in the dressing room) to my best friend who told me “Where can’t you wear that?!?” Those were my sentiments exactly so into the ol’ shopping bag it went. Walking home, I realized I could eat a whole thanksgiving dinner and hide it under that top-skirt and figured I no longer had to save binge eating for one day a year. Holler.

I literally tried on four variations of the peplum trend, and planned on purchasing them all. However, I do enjoy eating during the week, and so thought it best my resources be used only for that peplum-piece that won over everyone’s hearts. Except for the one I already got. So surveying away I went.

Also available at Zara.

Lesson #1: No amount of style can save you from a sorry-looking expression. The extra layer of fabric went unnoticed to most of my male survey members, one of whom stated “The only place I’d want to take her is Great Clips.” Another stated, “She looks confused and I am just as confused as she is, is there a zipper under there?” I wasn’t sure what relevance the garment’s closure had until another told me it looked like it was made for easy urinal access. I guess that counts as resourceful.

On the other hand, some of my girlfriends thought this looked like a fun way to be serious while being serious and fun (my words not theirs). One (in marketing, in NYC, non-Peggy style) thought this serious/creative balance would help her boss realize the need to give her a well-earned promotion. Yet another thought the business on-top-party-on-the-bottom combo made her a solid choice for a cheap beer, liquid lunch date. You know, for bizniz.

Honestly though, I was a little disheartened by the lack of offense the male-participants took with that skirt. So disheartened in fact, I considered sending them a bunch of pictures of celebrities with short hair. Instead, I found this top which to me looks perfect for a work party, or holiday event, or bad-day when I need a little bit of glitter and cute. I was disheartened again to learn that the only event my friend though appropriate for this number would be a Carrot Top Show because I wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the room.

Top by Mulberry

Most of the offense came with the fact that the girl was pictured without a face, some wondered how fast she could run in cheetah shoes. One thought she resembled the Dutch Boy who serves as representative for the butter company, but then again, no that can’t be because she has a nice body and therefore likely avoids butter. All of my friends agreed that this shirt was way to cutesy (“She should go somewhere cliche, like a bachelorette party or “girls night”) to be worth the investment. And you all know I love a good consensus piece. I might not have thoroughly explained that yet…

Overall to me, that makes the first skirt a winner and the second shirt a loser. I’m not sure my desire to look professional at a work party (assuming I go to one of those someday) can be overcome by an association with Carrot Top.

Also I feel like I should give a Lesson #2 to provide some context to the first Lesson (above) but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. 

What do you think? Have you jumped on board the Peplum Trend? Would you wear any of these things? Please save me from embarrasment before I go full-peplum!

Inspiring Bottle of Wine…and Some Overdue Business

First wine, then award…

Maybe I have been over drinking, maybe wine has tasted a little dull to me because I’ve been having too much. Or I have been picking out terrible bottles, but that is less likely because I have amazing taste. In any case, I opened the best bottle of wine the other night, and I thought it only appropriate to share.

The bottle is a 2009 FontanaFredda Langhe Nebbiolo. I am trying to think of something bad to say about it, but I don’t have anything bad to say. In fact, I just took a couple more sips, and I still don’t have anything bad to say. Then the bf made fun of me for pouring such a large glass. But then he took a sip. It’s like I can see the future.

Find this bottle here. Its floral, a little fruity and a little spicy. I honestly hate to be so vague about it, but to me this is what I want when I buy a bottle of red. It isn’t bland, like some table wine-esque varieties can be, but its not so overwhelming that I can’t sit and write a blog post about it without eating something with it. Forgive the double negatives. It is satisfying without being boring, and I am sure this will become a staple purchase in my wine cellar…which is actually an IKEA shelf in my hallway.

This is typical of the Nebbiolo grape which is grown largely in the Piedmont region of Italy. It serves as the primary grape for big Italian reds like the Barolo and Barbaresco. It’s apparently very hard to grow, and therefore many of the bottles created with this grape are really quite expensive. Younger bottles are typically less so. Also, these wines may be greatly “improved” by decanting. And drinking.

I have been writing a final paper all day, and feel as though I used up all of my abilities to transition between thoughts and phrases and so that is all the nonsense I can say for now I think. I mean, I’m sure I can say a lot more nonsense, but I think it better if I stop now before I just start talking about irrelevant details. Like my severe annoyance with the wide variety of paper towel dispensers. Why must there be so many different ways to get a paper towel/dry your hands?!?! Ok, I’m done. Seriously. But seriously……whhyyyy????

Award–Kreativ Blogger Award!

Rules of Conduct: Bloggers who win the award must complete the following steps:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

I have been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger award by the wonderful and talented Deb Brunson, author of Terrified Tastebud!! Ironically, or perhaps not ironically, she is a pathologist-turned personal trainer-turned family doctor-turned cyclist extraordinaire-turned chef. And she lives in Boulder! Home of my alma mater! Twinsies….kind of! Her blog is full of recipes, cooking tips and life lessons and I highly recommend it. Plus she obviously has great taste in blog reading (mine).

Seven interesting things about myself:

1. I make the best grilled cheese in the world. I also tell anyone who eats my grilled cheese to tell me its the best thing they have ever had, so maybe my sampling isn’t entirely accurate, but in any case, I make a damn good grilled cheese.

2. In middle school, I was 5’2″ and wore a size 10 shoe. I am now 5’10” and wear an 8.5. Puberty was rough for me.

3. I decided to volunteer to “save sea turtles” in Costa Rica for two weeks with a friend of mine. She, from Copenhagen, and I, from Denver, decided to take this trip over cheesecake at Starbucks in Tokyo. I have never again ordered cheesecake with my coffee and it was without a doubt, the best experience of my life.

4. I have the best brother in the whole wide world. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else on the planet.

5. I had a bit of an issue sleeping last year, and took Ambien for a few weeks. After taking Ambien once, I proceeded to rap the entire Kanye West “Paris” song, and then order a pair of Alexander Wang boots, complete with a 6.5″ heel and a blue toe. They looked like Austin-Powers-Space-Boots. Even though I felt like my subconscious was trying to tell me something, I reluctantly sent them back after I realized they hurt my feet just sitting in them.

6. I have like seven best friends in the whole world and they all live in different states, and I miss them pretty much every day.

7. I have really really long toes. I would probably wear a 7.5 if I didn’t have monkey feet. I can pinch quite hard with my big toe and my middle toe. It is a little bit gross, but its also quite a useful ability for an unsuspecting boyfriend who says something inappropriate.

Seven Other Blogs: I am still a bit new at this, so I imagine most of these people have already been nominated, but here are just a few of my favorite reads

1. The tag line is “1,000 cups of coffee, one day at a time.”  It is full of beautiful pictures, great stories, and wonderful coffee. It’s like drinking a cup while you read!

2. They are completely hilarious and totally relatable. The girls discuss their fears of becoming bridezillas and the politics of “unfriending.”

3. Beautiful photography, wonderful recipes. All around just super great.

4. Another couple really into drinking wine and wine pairing. I love their recipes and treks to find bottles of good wine and then drink them. Plus, their tag line is “Drinking to the Bottom of Things” and that to me is just what my life should be, and so I love them.

5. First of all, what a great name. Second of all, don’t visit this blog when you are hungry. Unless you are close to a well-stocked kitchen because oh man it is delicious. Currently up on the recipe block? Pasta with Burrata and Kale-Roasted Garlic Sauce. Plus I have to give some love to fellow Boston-Bloggers! Amazing style, great photography. I check it almost every day to see what this fabulous lady is up to and wearing.

7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I want to eat and wear everything she…eats and wears and photographs. Love love.

8. I know its only supposed to be 7, but is the style home of an incredibly sweet, stylish woman (who happens to be a total knockout) and I love seeing what she comes up for each post!

Thanks again Deb and all my readers mom and grandma for your continued reading and support! I truly means the absolute whole-wide world to me!!!!

Romance and Rubber Heels

The only redeeming characteristic of the cold front that came in between two weeks of summer was that it gave me an excuse to put my favorite shoes of last season back on for one more last hurrah if you will.

Boots, Loeffler Randall. Jeans, Paige Premium Denim

 Yet in putting these back on, after a few weeks of flip-flops and wedge sneakers, I realized that my sprained ankle had not, in fact, healed. I, of course, realized this while putting my makeup on and listening to Call Me Maybe Boyfriend cool, hip music well before I left the house to go downtown to Eastern Standard for one last evening out before the rush of paper writing and outlining. I thought, just for a moment, I should protect my only right ankle I will ever have and put on flat boots. Then, a moment later, I realized I would have weeks of protecting my ankle and what would one more night out on the town with an ankle sprain really mean in the long run? After all, I’m 25 which I beginning to realize goes both ways in this argument.

Lace up Oxfords, Proenza Schouler.

On the one hand, I clearly still have incredibly limber ankles despite my increasing age. On the other hand, I already have arthritis in one of my toes after an unfortunate walking-right-into-the-wall accident a couple of years ago. Whatever my condition, it is clear that these things (stilettos or heels in general) almost surely involve some sort of pain or another, but for some reason, I can’t give them up. In fact, I love them. Love.

What is it about them that is so addicting? More so than any other real item of apparel that I own. I am always on the lookout for shoes, always. I am in awe of girls who do not shoes. Partly because I want to be them and partly because I wonder what is wrong with them. There is no good reason for this love affair that so many women all over the world suffer from. So what is it?! I’m pretty sure I spent every dollar I made last year on clothing, and 2/3 of that was on shoes. What is it?!?

On Eating Blueberry Pie on a Wednesday

I think by now my existential crisis has become abundantly clear. Yes yes yes you say, I get it, you are confused about whether or not to wear Peplum, if Pastel is a lasting trend, and how many bottles of wine you can drink in a week and feel ok about yourself. The answer to the last one is the more you drink the better you feel about yourself, except that turns into an opposite at a certain point. Where that point is simply begs the original question, so I guess we are just back to where we started. Moving right along, then.

Yesterday, while wandering around Whole Foods looking for something for dinner, I exclaimed/grunted “I’m in a rut,” to which the bf responded by buying me a blueberry pie. Valiant effort to be sure, it certainly improved my mood. On the other hand, the only thing worse than that would have been me wandering around by myself, grunting and buying pies to eat alone in my mismatched sweat pants. Which, in effect, is the same thing except I am up $12 in real-life.

But alas, one cannot live on wine and blueberry pie alone, and the ever-pressing peplum inquiry will go unanswered without true experimentation and evaluation (stay.tuned). Yet in the face of what is perhaps to be my very last round (please God please) of finals ever, the threat of a tangly-haired, sweat-panted, Ugg-infested rut is very real. So I brought out my favorite things and threw them on my bed to remember: I’m a real person, in the real world and people have to look at me. I imagine they would rather look at sequins than anything with the words “PINK” or “Adidas” on them…

Similarly, I finally downloaded my Food & Wine subscription to my iPad. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, its like reading a magazine at Hogwarts it is so interactive. I am committed to avoiding my 1L faux pas of eating three jars of peanut butter (hold the bread) in a matter of 12 days.

No, that means I’m eating brain food: Red meat, dark greens, bright reds. For breakfast, think Stella McCartney RTW Spring 2011. (You are what you eat). Just healthy all around. All day everyday. Nothing gets you more in a rut than gross take-out food and grumpy delivery guys. Plus, if I fail all else fails (fail is a poor choice of word considering the subject matter) I get hungry, I still have three-quarters half of a blueberry pie. Rut be damned. Or filled, or whatever.

Get the recipe here: Food & Wine, Spiced Rubbed T-Bone Steak. But please remember, if we are in a class together, its preferable to me that you not eat this until a month or two after the exam. Unless spicy food gives you indigestion, in which case, be my guest. Muahahaha… Sorry, good luck.

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Outdoorsy Outfits

Spring time is upon us. Finally. I shouldn’t whine because we didn’t really have a winter. But, this is my last summer before I join the ranks of the real world (theoretically anyway) and I fully intend to spend much of it drinking during the day. On patios. Being outdoorsy-and-what-not.

Getting as much sunshine and fresh air as all those suckers who camp and hike, but looking better and remaining within close proximity to indoor plumbing and air conditioning. I’ll have the Vitamin D, hold the bugs, thanks.

Untitled #121

All of these outfits just scream rooftop deck to me, beer in plastic cups, fresh salads hamburgers and french fries. Rose of course. I just purchased a bottle of Isabel Mondavi Cabernet Rose. It’s a deep red color, and slightly effervescent. I had it last night with homemade tacos, and it stood up quite well with spicy food. I think it would also do well with barbeque and perhaps some straw wedges on the side (here…heaven incarnate). Pair them with a green scalloped skirt, epitome of fashion this spring (here). You could buy that $200 t-shirt up there, but I think this “Celine Me Alone” one is beyond cool and I’m not sure why I don’t own it yet.

My favorite bar in college had the best roof. Unfortunately it was shut down for either money laundering, or embezzlement (so hard to keep track of these days…) and last time I was there, the bar tender fell in love with my best friend and poured us drinks until I face planted. Seriously. The next morning, I left my last class of college ever to throw up in the bathroom. I would say “sorry Mom” as per usual, but she knows this because she came up to Boulder to pick me and celebrate, but then literally just had to pick me up.

I’m not going to lie, my experience in Boston has been sort of void of rooftop bars. There is a great one at Atlantic Beer Garden in the Seaport District, and the new Legal Sea Foods has a pretty ridiculous view of the bay here in Boston. We also have a whole street pretty much dedicated to eating outside in the Spring time, but I generally enjoy drinking more when I am at least three stories off the ground. I’m from Colorado, it feels like home up there.

Where do you live? Where do you drink up high or down low outdoors? I need some new vacay ideas, and anywhere with booze and a patio is pretty much where I want to be. So let me know where your favorites are. Here in Boston, anywhere on the East Coast, anywhere where you want to be if you are someone or want to be someone. Ok, I promise if you invite me I won’t say nonsense like that….

Visual Stimulation to Get You Through the Wednesday

Just think, its almost the end of the week which means its almost the weekend. Hopefully your weather has been as enjoyable–if windy–as it has been here in Boston these last few days. I for one, cannot get enough of the sunshine.

Outtake from Yesterday's Post.

Oh yeah, that all happened. Except dinner with Miranda Kerr, but it seemed so topical.

He Said She Said

In a new installment called “He Said She Said” I will review the various clothing and or potentially food items that I am obsessed with and boys are not? So far I hate the way this is going, it sounds like it should be on the Oxygen channel, so by next installment, I will revise entirely. Keep in mind that my outfits have on occasion rendered my boyfriend cross-eyed, although he did admit that my polka-dot, silk, harem pants I wore this weekend, were in fact, Easter-y. So I’m not really going for a resolution here, just a survey of discrepancies. Mars and Venus blah blah blah something about toilet seats…

For my first review, I picked the newly-repopular Lennon Sunglasses. Now a fixture on every street-style website, I find myself hating my Cat-Eye Wayfarers that months ago seemed so cutting edge.

Image Courtesy of

I thought for sure that these would evoke some sort of conflict between the male and female genders. If I put these on, it would be me saying, “Hey, I’m with the band. No, I’m in the band. Or am I just with the band???” To which men wonder, “Seriously, which one is it….” or maybe, “I wonder how the Sox did today.”

Instead, there was a pretty general consensus that these were pretty great or at least acceptable, although maybe made her eyes look too far apart. Definitely a “try before you buy sentiment.” In asking, I was also chided for cutting my hair (“I acknowledge you have cut your hair before, we all make mistakes—let’s move past it”), and not asking questions about Terminator 1, 2, or 3, or Salvation or whatever.

Keep in mind that my friends generally have plenty to say, so the fact that the conversation devolved into a discussion of movies they have each seen 67 times each/each, means these sunglasses must be (by all girl standards) pretty neutral/amazing/I need them.

Some things we did learn:

  • Short hair is really a polarizing issue. If you are recently out of a relationship, and committed to staying single, cut your hair. If you have been single for awhile, and you don’t want to be, now you know why. One friend emphasized his confusion with “This girl may be hot but I can’t tell you, because I am so enraged that she is trying to look like Peppermint Patty”
  • Seriously, don’t cut your hair unless you are celibate.
  • Questions about sunglasses and “boa-constrictor” scarves lead to overall life-learning: “I thought this was the cover for Terminator 2, and that the model was Edward Furlong. If I am correct, then definitely buy that movie, but otherwise I wouldn’t watch any other crap that Eddie Furz is in. Except American History X, and maybe Detroit Rock City.” You’re Welcome.

UPDATE: The issue of sunglasses is irrelevant. There has since been an overwhelming response to the issue of short hair. [authors note: that girl is a top model and is in fact, insanely good looking.] Ladies, if your friend tells you to cut your hair, she is trying to steal your boyfriend. Apparently it is a fact. As per my friend Owen:  “Its basically a way for girls to trick other girls into looking stupid, so that guys won’t be interested in them it has to be. I’ve never ever been talking to a bunch of guys and heard some one say, “Wow, that chick would be hot, if only she had a haircut like Moe Howard.””