Just a Pinch of Guilt, and a Taste of Silly

So please forgive my general absence this week. Yesterday’s post was me feeling guilty about not writing more, and then I started feeling guilty about only writing about shoes and colorful things, and then more feeling guilty about feeling guilty about things that I love even though they are things because I love them and who can be mad at me for that. Guilty.

 Are you picking up what I’m throwin’ down?

I have generally been in a bit of a sour mood lately, the fact that I was able to pair chambray with floral shorts and sandals for only a brief moment before being shoved back into boots and sweaters doesn’t help. I could go on and on, but it basically boils down to the fact that the world doesn’t get me and that makes me want to wear more eyeliner and get a pocket chain, and cover one eyelinered-eye with my hair, blah blah blah…

Only darkened one eye. Only half-emotional

But then it hit me. The whole reason I began being-a-blogger-and-what-not was to share my love of food and wine and shoes. And the whole reason I started cooking was to have something amazing to do at the end of a day. Sure, my feet are nowhere near my hair or my food, but I am pretty sure this finally counts as going full circle. Like in life.  

So I’m not much one for recipes, I like to kind of make things up as I go. This makes cooking more enjoyable to me because I feel like I am truly creating something. It also makes me a terrible baker and provides a sound reason my biscuits turn out like rocks.


To avoid making the same thing over and over, I need a few kitchen-references, which is why I love to watch Iron Chef and read Food & Wine. But despite the fact that I don’t have the Iron Chef resources in my apartment, this little spice and herb book gives me way more freedom to make what I want with what I have and have it turn out somewhat delicious.

By highlighting flavor and spice combinations, it teaches you about flavors on a big scale—what works and what doesn’t. It’s allowed me to build some complexity into my cooking, so that I have moved beyond “spicy” or “sweet.” Also, when I compile-a-pile of unregulated no-recipe spices, I feel more confident in throwing them in the pot, and less reliant on the ol’ fingers-crossed method of cooking without direction.



3 thoughts on “Just a Pinch of Guilt, and a Taste of Silly

  1. Ah … the ol’ “fingers-crossed” method o’ cookin’.

    We know it well.

    Thanks for the tip on the book. Hadn’t heard of that one before. Will have to check it out.

    P.S. You should see what I look like in mascara and eye shadow. Dreadful.

      • Well, it involves a really long layover in Minsk, a bottle of vodka, and a bottle of percocet …

        Long story. 😉

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