That Je Ne Sais Quoi

I promise more food soon, like tomorrow. Promise…probably.

Fashion can be tricky because it is easy to overthink. I am always reminded of this when I go out in my lace/leather/studs/floral/neon/pastel/hidden wedge combination and run into a friend in a t-shirt and jeans who looks so damn cool.

Simple shirt, simple jacket, simple pants. Super bomb-ass accessories. And boom, you’re Kate Moss. I had plans to actually take pictures of my own jean-and-shirt combos to put up here…you know, break old the ol’ modeling fact again, but then the world froze over again and I stopped wanting to go outside. The lighting inside doesn’t really do wonders for the bags under my eyes, so alas, I present you with three jean-and-t-shirt combos that I don’t own, but wish I did.

Plus, using the internet as my pretend closet allows me to “pad my fashion resume” by allowing me to say “oh yes of course, pair this with this and that with that and poof. Cinderella.” Now if only the legal world took more kindly to resume padding…

Untitled #120


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