Put a Sock In It

When a person who is always impeccably styled gives you advice…you listen. That is why I know you all my mom is wearing floral jeans, wedge sneakers, and carrying bags made of carpet. She knows.

Anyway, I have a friend who never looks bad. Ever. It makes me so jealous. I see her, and I think to myself “Man, I hope she looks like a mess today.” But she doesn’t. And just kidding, I never think that. She told me about the wonders of the sock bun via this video of a young girl giving away her beauty secrets. And, not that I am surprised, it’s pretty much the best thing I have ever learned.

I tried to explain it to my boyfriend, who is never speechless, who then became speechless. Then, he giggled, said “What were you doing before I picked you up, getting tangled up in the laundry? You actually put a sock in your hair?!?” (Not sure what it says about me that he thought the latter was the less viable of the two options). There were a lot of really loud “HA!s” and then more giggling.

He hasn’t quite jumped on the bandwagon, that feet should be invited to dinner and also maybe to hairstyling…beauty events…. This doesn’t make sense, I was trying to go full circle, but you know what I am saying. Feet are people too.

I am pretty much inept when it comes to doing hair, and this has basically made me look like I can afford a stylist. You can see what any amount of humidity does to my hair, no sock can contain it fully, but it sure beats Aquanet and 20,000 bobby pins.

When you go to the ballet, it makes it easy to appear as though you are, in fact, a ballerina. Also, once you wear one, you can’t unwear one. Put a sock in it…


2 thoughts on “Put a Sock In It

  1. YES! I have tried on numerous occasions to explain the amazing-ness of the sock bun to my coworkers, who were all still very confused. So I took it upon myself to conduct a mid-work-day sock bun tutorial right in the middle of our break room. They’re still all a bit dumbfounded and awe-struck. But at least I know I look good. 🙂

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