What I am Drinking on a Friday Morning

I forgot to do my Wednesday night wine last night. To be honest, the last couple bottles I have opened have been uninspiring and I just sort of forgot. So instead, I’ll drink something delicious this morning and tell you about it. Maybe I’ll have two bottles of wine next Wednesday night to make it up to you. Its only fair. To you.

Tomorrow morning (today for you readers), I’m taking better care of my liver and drinking the best tea ever in the history of tea (that may or may not be true, I’m not much of a tea-connaisseur). My homemade Chai Tea from the expertly “bagged” blend from Savory Spice Shop. It takes Chai tea to another level. And its $2.50 for a bag that makes 8 cups. That’s like one penny a cup, or a dime, or eighteen pennies. Its the cure to any cold day, any cold, or any way-too-early-of-a-morning problem.

Savory Spice Shop is also the cure for any cook in need of some random spice that no one else has ever heard of but must be “fresh” or freeze-dried in a certain way. These people have like ten different kinds of cinnamon alone. They ship nationwide and they provide very high-quality, very flavorful spices, herbs and spice mixtures. If you are in Denver, Boulder or anywhere else they are opening up shops, its the best. Go in, taste some spices, get inspired and go cook. Delish.


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