Investing and Market Trends

So clothes are expensive. Shoes are expensive. Looking good is generally expensive. That’s how I live (minus the looking good part) and then generally wind up saying, shoot I have no lunch money left over. Or left overs for lunch. Shoot.

But I found myself yesterday considering the purchase of floral jeans that were strangely similar to the polka dot jeans I talked myself out of last season for being too expensive and too trendy. Building upon my earlier post regarding being original and current  let’s talk about how to not be poor while you are doing it.

Speaking of floral jeans, try these Mink Pink pants at

They are just as flowery, just as white, and would look just as good with a blue or yellow striped shirt. Even green. See, versatile.

Use the money you saved to pay rent buy groceries put into a savings account get March Madness tickets, meet a promising young baller and score an NBA husband and get some classic nude sandals that you will wear forever.

If by nude you hoped I meant army green and you have cash laying around get yourself and me (size 8.5) a pair of these. Behold, I have mentioned these before in their glitter connotation.

If you are a normal human looking for a good nude-not-green-shoe, try these. They are beautiful, classic, and will never go out of style.

In contrast, what should you invest in? White Denim Jeans. If you plan to wear them of course, if you hate them, just don’t buy them. But I think we have all seen someone in ill-fitting white denim, and its not a pretty sight. For no good reason, ass looks twice as wide, thighs twice as lumpy. Without a good pair, its hard to achieve that fun, ever-trendy “nautical” look. Instead you send the “I’m a tourist from Milwaukee who owns more than one thing in pink shearling” kind of vibe. No offense to Milwaukee, I’m sure its lovely in the summer.

The moral of the story is that splurging is more-ok in certain circumstances. Trendy is trendy is trendy, floral jeans will be appalling in five years. That doesn’t mean you I shouldn’t wear them, but maybe consider a price-per-wear before you I spend all my lunch money on something that will only be cool for a couple months.

In the interest of full disclosure, I took the plunge on the wedge-sneaker yesterday and purchased this pair that is literally a tenth of the price of the ones I wanted originally. Plus, I haven’t owned velcro-footwear since my vintage preschool snowboots. I wish they had L.A. Lights for grownups. Plus with the money I “saved” I can invest in the upcoming restaurant week/a bigger belly.


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