How to Drink Cocktails and Look Good Doing It

Much to my dismay, the era of glittery cocktail dresses, and swanky cocktail parties is over. Or I am not old enough to go to those yet. Either way, the true cocktail outfit has shifted to something more low-key, and less mistressy. I wish I could wear fur and gowns and brooches and get my hair done before I went out, but then again, that is all uncomfortably Don Draper-esque. I guess I don’t feel like using real words today. 

Cocktail Hour

The good news is that any wane in glitter-wearing has been filled (waxed?) with lace. Really its a win-win. The other good news, lace isn’t always fancy or mother of the bride-y (when I find a theme I go with it), as I am sure is apparent by the fact that I put a denim-leopard-army jacket (that is the most amazing jacket ever, but this one or this one would also look amazing) over a beautiful red lace dress (similar one here) with basic black pumps and black bag. Oh and sunglasses in case you are cocktailing during the day. (Boston Magazine attests that the Bloody Mary at Masa is one of the best around, and can agree it’s quite good. The food is good for the price, but nothing to write home about).
Wear your red-contradiction of an outfit to Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge and order a Singapore Sling, one of their signature drinks. Or head over to River Gods for a black-and-tan. Sit at the bar for a Cuban Sandwich and a Caipirinha at Chez Henri. This outfit is equally swanky and dive bar-y.
On the other hand, sometimes a cocktail hour means parties, networking, clientele, or something more traditional. Fear not, lace may still work. Pair a lace skirt with a white boyfriend blazer (or green or black) and a beaded blouse. Wear chain sandals or silver sandals or one of each.
To me this outfit says jazz club, speakeasy, champagne bar. Go to the Beehive in Boston and grab a Manhattan. Stoddard’s is another good option, they have quite a Moscow Mule. Try the Corner Office in Denver, or grab a Colorado Dachsund at Colt and Gray. Walk into a speakeasy in NYC, like Milk and Honey, or Employee’s Only. I have not attended this particular venue, but with a name like The Raine’s Law Room, you can tell it’s quite high on my list. Here’s to hopin’ the bf reads this particular post. Cheers. Cheers-y.

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