On Branching Out and Staying In

One of the things I love about food and fashion is that they are always changing. There is always something new to wear, a new restaurant to try, a new gastro-technique that I can’t even begin to understand. Sure there is a cyclical nature to things (Paleo diet anyone? Maybe reaching back a bit far…) but as far as fashion goes, its rare to see a clone of something old, there is usually some modern twist on it. Ironically, this same phenomenon is the very same thing my wallet hates about food and fashion.

But even more than that, its hard to stay original while attempting to remain current. I have referenced these Isabel Marant sneakers that I am drooling over, but while waiting outside a restaurant in New York, I saw at least three people walk by in them.  I want to stay modern, but I don’t want to look like everyone else. So what to do, I am just a lowly law student in Boston. Who am I to say something is overdone?

Leggings are not pants. Uggs and shorts are seasonally incompatible. Women’s jeans are made for women. TOMS are not actually shoes (For emphasis…stop it). But see what do I know? 

For instance…trendy bag. The Cambridge Satchel in Neon Yellow, which to be fair I am still considering. It’s everywhere, its beautiful, I want it.

And the “it” bag of the season, the Celine Luggage Tote.

But who is to say that carpet bags are not the next big thing? I want to buy whatever is trendy and current that does not inspire strangers to come running up to me saying “Oh, hey I have that to!”

On the other hand, if this doesn’t catch on, I could get the strangers asking “Is your bag made of carpet?” I’m clearly afraid of bag-related-confrontations with strangers, and trust me it happens. Once a man stopped his car to yell at me about my gold-and-bamboo wedges. He found them that offensive. That he stopped his car to ask me what was on my feet. He was probably wearing Tevas.

What about the new-shoe-of-the-season to replace the hidden wedge sneakers of the fall? The Prada Rocket Shoe. Ok, I’m the first one to admit that these are hard to argue with. They go with everything. Seriously. When have you not wished your feet had rocket burners on the back?

Anyone who is anyone already has them. But these simple colorblocked heels might also do the trick, interesting and sophisticated, and I could probably outrun anyone wearing that little metal stiletto. Fake-Rocket Boosters only get you so far.

Or what about these caged teal pumps by Alexander Wang. This season is all outer-space so maybe I should go deep sea in these teal, fish scaley shoes.

Going opposite of a trend can be worthwhile in maintaining some independence, but then again some things are on point for a reason. Those of you considering bucking the raw-diet phenomenon should not light your food on fire before eating. That sounds funnier in my head.


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