My Winter Feet Are Depressed

While cleaning out my closet today, I took stock of my clothes and shoes. What I haven’t worn in awhile, what I want to wear now. Sure, I should be studying for my ethics exam, but man that video is boring. I’m more stressed out that I won’t finish my studded bedazzled jeans in time for brunch tomorrow in the South End.

I laid some of my favorite out for a little meet-and-greet. Like “Hey lazer cut mules, I forgot you were in there!” “I know because I’ve been in my dustbag for like foooorreeevver.”Image

While I was refolding sweaters over this little shoe party, I realized how long it has been since I have worn some of these, and how much I was dying to have them. Sometimes, I am able to convince myself that my whole life is better, that my closet is finally current, if I could just add in that one pair of blue-zebra and mesh sandals (find them here). And while I have big plans for them with my new Hawaiian print dress, the fact that it is about to snow again in Boston means another week or month of workout clothes and boots. Probably at the same time.


All of this glitter and animal print brings me back to my qualms about lawyer-ing. Is there an office that finds glitter oxfords daytime-appropriate? Are there many lawyers who do not find 6’3″ me-in-heels not intimidating? Again with the double negatives, goodness gracious. Why does auditing my own shoe collection stir up my identity crisis? Who am I anyway? What is happening? I should probably go bedazzle…I promise I am almost done with all the bedazzle talk. Almost.



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