Myers + Chang

I hate to complain about going out to dinner. But sometimes I can’t help it. I will say, it takes a lot for me to complain, so what will follow is…constructive criticism. Myers + Chang in Boston. Big expectations. But ultimately I ended up disappointed.

To be fair, I went to Myers + Chang midway through a pretty remarkable, week-long-or-so eating marathon, so some of my distaste could have been a physical response from my body saying “Please stop eating so much all the time.” But, I doubt it because I’m pretty sure my body has never said that to me.

To start out, its adorable. It’s in the South End and its painted like a dragon. Inside, its comfortable and enjoyably kitschy. The kitchen is in the middle of the dining room, and so you get the full experience of the street-food dim sum that Chris Myers and Joanne Chang intended.

From there, though, I was unimpressed. We ordered one of their set menus, which was actually the perfect amount of food for the two of us, and expected that it would be akin to a “Tasting Menu” of Chef-recommended dishes. The tamarind-glazed cod was absolutely fantastic, the broth was delicious and sweet, the fish was cooked perfectly.

Our spring rolls were filled with limp, flavorless vegetables and lacked all of the springy crunch that makes spring rolls delicious, our salmon sushi roll was overflowing with overcooked fish that overwhelmed all of the other ingredients. The lemongrass potstickers were all lemongrass, and only good when coated in the dipping sauce. We considered ordering a few other dishes in the event that we just got some that we didn’t like, and got braised pork belly buns that were all buns.

It may have been more fun as a double date, with the emphasis on drinks rather than food. The concept is fun and unique, but the food just can’t stand up on its own. I thought it would turn into my go-to, but unfortunately, I don’t think I will go back.


2 thoughts on “Myers + Chang

  1. I had no idea this place existed, it looks super cute. I’ll have to go there before I move to Michigan although I will take your advice and go more for the drinks than the food. Boston is such a foodie city that it sucks to get bad food there.

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