Battle of The Brunches

Unfortunately for my Monday, I spent all of Sunday cooking and eating and drinking Bloody Mary’s. The impetus for my brunching was twofold: 1) It is potentially my last spring break of my whole life ever and; 2) I just purchased the Clinton St. Bakery Cookbook.

I waited for almost an hour outside of Clinton Street Bakery in New York City a few weeks ago with my best friend. You can see below that even with all that spare time, we had a hard time narrowing down what we were going to order, so we ordered everything.

And yes we ate it all.

I will say that it was one of the most delicious breakfasts I have had in a long time. The hour long wait often heightens my expectations to a point where nothing can fully satiate me, but Clinton St. Bakery did not disappoint. Everything was cooked perfectly. I mean perfectly.

The biscuits were some of the best I have ever had, and coupled with their homemade raspberry jam, I was pretty much in heaven. But the pancakes. Oh my Lord, the pancakes. Now that I have made them myself (and quite successfully might I add) I understand that a 3/4 cup of melted butter goes a long way for flavor. I have not tasted plain pancakes with so much to offer on their own, maybe ever (see below). And then they top it off with maple butter…

Before I had experienced this delicious gem, the only other restaurant I would wait an hour for was Snooze in Denver. Go for breakfast, wait and then eat brunch.

I think the first time I went, I had apple pancakes with blue cheese and bacon, and a honey-maple syrupSeriously. Some other must-trys are the pineapple-upside down pancakes, and the creme-bruleed oatmeal. Breakfast burritos, Eggs Benedict, a French-Toast Egg Sandwich with bacon and eggs dripping in maple syrup. Southwest Airlines flies direct.

As long as I am not about to eat Sushi or a Cheeseburger, I will tell you that breakfast is the best meal. Because it is. And before my weekend in New York, I had my brunch cravings all settled and figured out. Now, I am conflicted and drawn in different directions.

Do I go to the Big Apple for the best take on the classics? Do I fly home to Denver for the more creative interpretation of some breakfast basics? Do I write a letter to Massachusetts politicians to complain about the lack of adequate breakfast restaurants? 


3 thoughts on “Battle of The Brunches

  1. Admission: Sometimes I think I’ve found true happiness when I eat brunch.

    Snooze is one of my favorites and that line is only seen as a challenge. Other Denver locales I can’t get enough of:
    Stueben’s (it took me a couple of tries)
    City ‘o City

    Right now I wish it were brunch. xoxo

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