Dressing Like a Lady who Lunches

When I was a little girl, everyone who saw me thought I was a little boy. I had a bowl cut (thanks mom), I wore bike shorts, over sized t-shirts or sweatshirts with mis-matching scrunchie socks and L.A. Lights Shoes. Sure, I began my foray into experimental footwear early on, and moreover I know that I hit the rock-bottom of the fashion world early, but even now I tend to shy away from anything overtly feminine or pretty.

After I realized all my date outfits included plaid or studs, I realized I need to purchase some new items to update me. I am in a fashion rut of manly, architectural things.

So see below, a collection of beautiful things that scream: “I am a lady. A real lady. Who can take late lunches and wear hats and drink wine at 1:00 pm, and just had a manicure.”

Don’t get stuck buying the same old thing in different colors. Buy some feather shoes, a kimono dress. And somebody buy me the “love” ring, I need it!


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