Best Thing I Ever Ate (Part I)

The Best Thing I Ever Ate is a show on Food Network. It comes on late at night either right in time to make your own dinner feel inadequate, or right in time to make you hungry again after dinner. I have tried to create my own list of “Best Things” and its actually much more difficult than it seemed it would be. For instance, one show is themed “Cheesy.” I thought and thought and thought, and all I ever came up with was I’ve never not liked a cheesy thing. I do like double negatives, apparently.

Unexpectedly, the best pastry item I have ever had is a Twinkie at Lulu’s Cake Boutique in Chelsea. I was up for the weekend from Washington DC to see the boyfriend, and as we wandered home from the sushi shop we came across this adorable “Cake Boutique” filled with pastel colors and pastries. Obviously, I had to go in. Also unexpectedly, I ordered two or three twinkies.

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I just had a little sweet tooth, and was not expecting this thing to be as delicious as it was. I didn’t even want to chew I was so impressed. I thought about telling my manfriend that it was gross, and not to try it and then eating it all while he wasn’t looking. The yellow cake was subtle, moist and buttery. The passion fruit was strong, but somehow did not overwhelm the subtlty of the cake. And the white frosting around the outside just tied everything together.

I think over the course of the summer in New York, which really was about 9 weekends in total, I ate at least 12 Twinkies. I have tried to find something to compete with this in Boston and Denver, and I can’t. I lived in Washington DC and walked past Georgetown Cupcakes (which I’m sure is delicious) and saw the line all the way around the block and then giggled because I knew I was getting something better.

Yes, a passion fruit twinkie. My favorite, best thing, is a twinkie. Go get one. Seriously. Now. Go.


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