Fairytale Neon-And-Floral Barbeque Picnic (In Cambridge on a Sidewalk)

I am in the mood for some barbeque. First of all, it has fifty-five degrees again in Boston for weeks (although apparently the snow is coming today…). Clearly the East Coast is generally unaware of the fact that it is February. Leap year confuses even Mother Earth.

Second of all, I was recently informed that my favorite “barbeque” place, Formaggio’s, is beginning is sidewalk barbeque summer two months early! Does explicitly mentioning barbeque render my weather reference obsolete? In any case, get your belly’s ready, because it is one of my favorite–maybe my favorite–meal in Boston.

Starting March 17th, and every Saturday through about October, Formaggio’s will bring its giant charcoal grill  to the sidewalk in Cambridge and cook up some of the best barbeque in America. Formaggio’s specializes in Italian style, and uses a different variety of spices than you might encounter at a more traditional, American-style barbeque. Think subtle heat, more earth and less vinegar, lots of smoke, lots of drooling (not in the food…).

Grillmaster Eric has even packaged his signature spice, so those of you who are going to be so jealous of me on March 17th in other cities can get a sampling of what Formaggio’s has to offer here. I have used this spice on meat, and have even included it in sauces and soups to give my cooking some low heat and more depth.

Naturally, all of this makes me want to wear neon and floral prints. It’s a barbeque, duh.

Barbeque Picnic of My Dreams

In truth, the only appropriate use of floral in Boston if it is on a Baseball cap and there is an embroidered red “B” covering the entire front of it. Glitter should only be used to highlight the name of Tom Brady on a jersey-dress. So here is where you non-Bostonians gain an advantage. Get yourself some floral jeans, and a patterned blouse (or denim tee) and pair them with gold-glitter sandals. For some reason, I am really into glitter for the day time and I think both of these pairs (“One month rent“, and “I can still eat this month“) can easily transition from day to night.

Or go for the neon and pastel look. Pink pants, blue shirt, orange shoes. Yellow dress, denim vest, and wedge sneakers (“For sneakers????“, or “For Sneakers??” Kudos to any of you who actually wear stilettos to a barbeque. Or go to a barbeque in February. If you do, tell me where you live because I want to move there.


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