New York Means Tequila in English

So I’ve just returned from a short visit to New York City to see my best friend. See below.

We spent an evening at the ballet and a day at the art museum, and so it seems only appropriate that we spent the rest of the time eating and drinking. She had a list of “Best Cocktails in New York City” compiled by a bartender-friend and so we set off to discover our favorites.

What did we learn? If you are king-and-queen of the ballet exiting a bar you deserve at least four “woos”/standing ovations; matching outfits are never embarrassing; grammar jokes are serious business; everything looks better upside down or with a sock in it.

That if it has jalapeno-infused anything, we will order a punch bowl pitcher bucket of it.

Our first stop, Cienfuegos in the East Village. It’s a charming Cuba-Meets-Alice-and-Wonderland themed restaurant, specializing in rum cocktails. The drinks are offered individually, or in a shared vintage punch bowl with a large block of ice in the center and quaint little tea-cups. Naturally, we got the bowl of jalapeno infused rum with honey and cava for the two of us.

Our second adventure took us to Mayahuel, also in the Lower East (hey…we wanted to authentic in our vintage-plaid-button downs). Again, the jalapenos called to us and we ordered a pitcher of the Pilot Punch, which was wonderfully savory and not overly spicy. It complimented the variety of appetizers we ordered well, which included a whitefish ceviche and a cheesy plate of Chilaquiles, but it would have stood well on its own. We, on the other hand, would not (get it? Drank Tequila so I can’t stand up? Sorry Mom). I forgot to take a picture, so please enjoy this one of my new bag and upside-down-nails. And we go full circle.


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