What to Wear to Dinner and Where and What-Not

My dear friend Emily recommended that I highlight some dinner spots and what to wear and where to buy it and what not. It got me to thinking about “Business Casual” and khaki pants and how that doesn’t mean anything for women. In fact, I think it makes it worse.

Sometimes I think, should I wear khaki’s too? (That answer is always no). Wear a blazer without a tie? A Lacoste polo-dress? What does it all mean!? So I give to you below, varying degrees of business casual (I know you are seeing yellow jeans and thinking are you crazy? The answer is maybe yes, I tried to wear plaid and a motorcycle vest on my Valentine’s Day Date, and my final outfit still spurred a “You know you will be the only one wearing that, right?” from said Date).

What to Wear to Dinner and When and What-Not

Outfit Number 1: You think you are cross eyed, but really you are just dazzled. I love mixing patterns, and here it works because there is some commonality in color scheme. Shirt is Alexander McQueen, similar one available here, and here. The skirt is Paul Smith but just ignore that and buy this $29 one. It’s equally cute, but not on Polyvore…snobs. Shoes are Azzedine Alaia, these are not quite as fabulous but are the same idea.

Yeah but where can I wear it? Wear this to dinner with your boss, dinner with your boyfriend’s boss, or to any trendy cocktail lounge. It screams: I am serious but not boring, stylish but not pretentious. Everything you want business casual to be.

Try: Tag Restaurant in Denver (Order the Business Time Cocktail–Not only is it on theme, it is one of the best drinks I have every had); or Eastern Standard in Boston (also known for its drinks, but the Calamari is great).

Outfit Number 2: Any giant cozy sweater with a lux leather or leather-esque pencil skirt. I love the combination of laid-back and cool. This is a great option for any outing that you want to look well-dressed without looking dressed up. The skirt and pump combo will get you through the door, but there will be no sense that you are trying to hard. Also, please note that these green pumps have played a recurring role in my outfit choices so far and probably belong in my closet. Feel free to donate to the cause. Sweater above is Rachel Comey, but check the J.Crew men’s section for an equally comfy, slouchy version.   Leather skirts are generally unaffordable, so look for any luxe detailing, a sateen shine or any hard accessories, studs or stitching. Try this Cut25 Skirt by Yigael Azrouel.

This outfit belongs at the upscale restaurant disguised as a dive bar. Think restaurants operated by anyone who auditioned for Top Chef. Try Towne Stove and Spirits in Boston, or Colicchio and Sons in New York. Actually, that description doesn’t fit either of those restaurants, but you get the idea. Somewhere warm and comfortable and beautiful.

Outfit Number 3: Yes, yellow jeans in the fall. Wear this to the game and then go for cocktails later. Really, any bright colored jeans will do. Check J Brand, or Express. The grey sweater is basically a must have (barf) and fur makes everything a little bit glam. I like that this outfit is monochrome except for the jeans as well. I wish I was wearing it right now.

Try this out at Lola in Denver, and drink away your Tequila-feelings, or head to Lolita Cocina in Boston and get your Tequila-infected moves on.


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