What I am Drinking on a Wednesday Night

So it’s Wednesday night, your morning class was substituted for a noon lecture from a man who was recently convicted of insider trading (never ever ever do it), and your friends are over drinking beer. What do you do? Go for a bottle of red that says, “Hey, I can drink beer with the guys, but instead I’m going to drink this because I’m smarter than you.” That bottle is a 2008 Bodegas Luzon “Luzon” Jumilla. It is a Spanish red–a blend of Monastrell and Syrah. Also, a 2007 vintage from this producer won “Wine of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast last year. Whoa, fancy for a Wednesday…


I’ll admit, I was drawn to this bottle because of the label, but it is amazingly drinkable. Fruity without being sweet, plenty of volume without being   overpowering. It can stand up to pizza (or any other Wednesday night meal), but is mild enough to survive a dinner of whatever leftovers you have from Tuesday. Stay tuned for a real-person breakdown of wine tasting terms.

To be honest, I had chips and chocolate covered peanuts (part of a four pound snack basket from my Grandma Evie) and a glass or three while I yelled at the Top Chef judges on the almost-finale. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say the final meal is going to have more fried food than I care to see…

Also, being that I have expensive taste in all things clothing (Give it to me), I thought I would balance it out with a well-priced bottle. Much to my surprise, the $11 I paid for it is well over market, get it for $7 here. See what I do for you?!? I bring the fancy all the time.


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