Whimsy Chef at Chef’s Whim

Dinner night out on Sunday? Well, yes, if you want a whimsical meal with whimsy wonders…on a whim.

At Craigie on Main in Boston, Chef Tony Maws offers a well-priced four or six course menu entirely of his own creation, every Sunday after 9:00. The menu is called “The Surprise,” which thankfully is manifested in the super-delicious-definitely-not-school-cafeteria-lunchmeat connotation. And, if you order the six-course menu, as we did, you practically get the restaurant to yourself by the time you finish!

Our meal consisted of a scallop ceviche with a rose-harissa dressing, roasted bone marrow and texas toast, and a skirt steak with carrots braised in duck fat. For dessert, we were provided with a sour cream panna cotta (which I loved even though I generally despise panna cotta), and a bourbon-ice cream cake with a bacon-fat graham cracker crust. Holy moses…let me tell you.

Ok, instead I am about to lie to you. But at least I warned you (you unknown reader…). I had big plans for my outfit out, I’m a student and it doesn’t happen all the time. But Boston decided to be a disagreeable -4 degrees that evening, and so my choices were severely limited. I had a pair of glittery Proenza Schouler lace-up oxfords all laced up for the occasion, but I thought it prudent to save my toes (I only have ten afterall…) and so switched into last minute dress-and-black-tights combo. Unfortunately, this blog hadn’t been born then, so I wasn’t able to document, but I won’t make that mistake again.

Instead, I give you my pick for the death trap perfect date night shoe, my satin Nicholas Kirkwood satin peep toes. Similar ones here. I think they are as whimsy as whimsy dinners can be. I’ll be sure to include a more inclusive outfit as I move forward as I am afraid that readers my mom will think I am advocating a birthday suit outfit with fabulous heels. Well, I guess when you put it that way….


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